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Rose Quartz Meditations

Open the 4th Chakra with Rose Quartz

Truth is a Single Spirit

A Human can’t hold two truths at the same time.  One truth will out weigh the other truth for some reason and the one truth that fits into the time stream of circumstance will win out as the ruling truth.  Until circumstances change a new truth will not be permitted to be entertained.  We are so busy we hardly take a moment to consider where we are and how we got here.  It is enough to just be here.  That is why I am wondering about how to nudge myself into a comfortable way of looking at my new thought life.

About Life & Death

I had long ago given up Buddha for Jesus.  My truth was based on circumstance, proximity, and social connections.  I am now looking at my 20 years in Christian Dogma and I realize when I left a church I left my reason to hold tightly to a truth based on proximity.  So I understood that.  When I was shunned by my friends for not being in that church I understood they were not able to hold our friendship as truth because their circumstances were still tied to the social gathering at the place called ‘the church’.  I was left with the struggle of spirit and what was my relation to it if I was not tied by proximity or circumstance.  I was left with the freedom to choose the thoughts to embrace by ‘feeling.’

Feelings have proven to be mysterious so they could not be trusted.  

The things (not animated) I am attracted to become interesting on a different level because I was really looking for a way to express my struggle with God (the Spirit) and my physical existence.  This brings me to the Rose Quartz Meditation.

In this meditation I look at a piece of Rose Quartz.  In looking I hold a thought.  Open My Heart.  I want to see what Jesus sees through my eyes.  I want to feel what will draw me closer to God.  I want to see the things God brings me and contemplate my humanness in harmony with spirit.  This is the thought this is the space and this opens a tiny light the color of a watermelon slice.  My eyes close and I see the light is filled with dark spots.  The light becomes normal and the dark becomes a focus.  In focusing on the dark the light surrounds the speck of dark and the dark disappears into the light.  This causes a feeling of movement while sitting still.  The light changes form and I am left open.  I can hold this thought for a short time.  In that time a thought changes.  I can feel it but it isn’t clear.  The effect of creating a space for this to happen is Awareness.  Making a space for this to happen again is Intention.

Is the Rose Quartz doing IT?

No.  What is making the space for the thought is You.  The Gemstone is a focal point with the ability to be partnered with your intentions.  Crystals can hold energy.  Fact dude.  So I am using a stone to solidify (represents) a thought toward a thing.  My meditation is on Spirit.  The spot I think on is John 4:24.  Simple as that my meditation finished I go about my day and the next morning I feel different.  I work it out in my rested hours.  Life is a mystery.  Celebrate Life.

Any Questions?  Any comments?  I will communicate with you.

thanks for being here



Non Corrosive Metals and Gemstones

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I ment to post this sooner but I have been learning how to Tweet, Pinterst, FB and all the other soft promotion that goes with social networking.  What brought me to the place of self promotion via social networks is simple.  I got it.  One day I didn’t understand what, why or how to, and the next morning I got up and started to do it.  It is the circle/cycle of awareness – intension – thought – action – answers.  I know the ability to become aware is the hardest part of the system of energy transference but after the first uncomfortable feeling comes an ah-ha moment and off you go to explore the new dynamics.

ORB Soup

Just sitting Around The Campfire

I show you this picture because it is an example of thought transference when you are going about your life, doing your thing, and then bam-your thoughts about life become expanded.  Is it circumstance that brings you to your destiny or is your destiny bringing to you-the circumstances that will change you to becoming the ‘purpose’ for your existence.  I was doing some research and ran into a story about Marcel Vogel as a child.  I find these stories interesting because I can only remember snippets of my fractured childhood.  Marcel learned a passage in the bible at 4 years of age.  The verse was, the seek, ask, knock that Jesus taught.  This concept attached to his thoughts and he prayed every day on his walk to mass, “why am I alive and what is my purpose in life”, then, when he was ten he heard a clear voice in his mind that told him what he would study luminescence, write a book about it and that would be his path.  By the time he was 12 he had a laboratory set up at his home and was studying why lightning bugs glowed.  I repeat this story because I think if you can hold a thought for a time (don’t know how long) things manifest around that thought and that will open a path of comfortable explorations.  This is how I became interested in Gemstones and the energy fields they create.

If you know me, I become focused on an idea and I just ream it until everyone in my life just rolls their eyes and they glaze over until I catch on that I am jamming their system with over-thought transference.  I have learned to scale back my conversations but then I found I had little to say to anyone.  Then I learned about blogging.  I could let my thoughts flow and who cares, I wasn’t bothering my family/friends with endless thought compilations.  I began to wonder if the gemstones I worked with everyday could be propelling me into a thought path and my awareness became intentional so as I worked I thought about ‘problem’ areas in my life and asked for guidance from God because I am a born again christian, Jesus is my guide just as it was for the child Marcel Vogel.  I must say here that when I started these thought experiments I did not know anything about Marcel Vogel or his work with crystals.  I add here a part of an article  that has pushed me in a thought direction,  please refer to this site,  www.vogelcrystals.net ,  for further study I have permission from Rami Da to use this link,  “Raw crystals have varying fundamental fields depending upon where and how they are mined as well as their variation in shape due to the distortions caused by stressors present during its growth.  Some crystals have very high fundamental fields while others are found to have a minimal field.  Synthetic quartz was found to have almost no fundamental field.

Crystals have the ability to store information this is widely known.  According to the September 4, 1994,  issue of Newsweek, Stanford University physicists have demonstrated the first fully digital model of a device that stores information as a hologram within the subatomic structure of a crystal.  The scientists were able to store and retrieve a holographic image of the Mona Lisa.  The particular crystal held only 163 kilobytes of memory, but it is expected that these holographic units could store up to one million megabytes.  The short article says that crystals store information in three dimensions and could be ten times faster than the fastest systems now available.”

So, coupled with my sensitivities to metal and my need to wear gemstones that helped my life and thoughts I asked the question does metal stop or desensitize the gemstones energy?  My answer is yes if the alloy is corrosive.  Metals like brass, copper, and any metals that easily turn black or green, can hinder the power of a crystal.  So I studied the non corrosive metals and I found that my new favorite, Argentium Sterling Silver, having its alloy reduced of copper and the substituting of the mineral germanium, caused the normal 925 which I could not use, into an alloy that I could use.  That is why I have a new set of earrings, using Argentium Sterling with a modern design, and a gemstone that will aid in your thought life.  Directing an intentional thought toward an uncomfortable situation is a powerful remedy in itself. Gemstones with power are, clear crystal, Amethyst, Citrine, Ametrine, and Smokey Quartz.  These gemstones mixed with pearls (I’ll tell you about them later) than suspending them from your ears really worked in my experiments.  I think because the pulse point of the neck is so strong and the nearness of the gemstone (has a 2′ influence sphere) without touching the body are very affective.  I use Argentium Sterling but the non-corrosiveness of Niobium and Titanium is also very good and I think these super modern metals will soon find themselves more inexpensive to use than silver is now.  The down turn in the economy of the world pulls us in a direction too.  I think by design.  So I will design around these circumstances.

I call my line of gemstones on Argentium Sterling “under twenty” because I want them  affordable to everybody that wants to try them.  I can always go higher with my designs the trick with me is to simplify.  Making things convoluted is easy for me.  The Feng Shui or as I call it, the paneling of the furniture of my thought life, or to Haiku my thinking.  Shorten this entry…I’ll write later.  Please visit my store at ETSY, looksgoodonya.etsy.com so you can see the line of under twenty earrings.  Thanks and I’ll see you later

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