Just another Peridot

What happens when I turn my concentration to a mineral?  Why do I feel something that I can’t quit describe?  After looking at my gemstone I feel like I am dipping my hands into warm water.  It feels good but I can’t describe the feeling. Why does it feel like I am out of control?  Is it the Gemstone that makes me uncomfortable?

Peridot Can Be Imbued With Intentional Thoughts

When You turn your attention to any subject you see strands of your thoughts when you sleep.  In this state of subconsciousness these strands connect to form a new conscious thought.  When you awake you feel you have a new, deliberate thought.  This is the difference between conscious (having awareness, awake, knowledge) and subconscious (not fully aware but feeling something influence, tugging at my thoughts and actions.)   I was seeing the morning and I noticed the grape colored flowers along the sidewalk.  A thought came to pick the flowers and dump my stash of Peridot Gemstones, chips, pearls, Swarovski crystals, and Peridot Jasper into a pile with the flowers and that would show how I am seeing Peridot now after I concentrated my thoughts about the Peridot in general and posted it last night.   This morning I felt something and I couldn’t explain the feeling but I  saw the Gemstone through the feelings I have about the colors of brilliant Spring.

This is what I think  happened…My left brain (linear thought) collided with right brain (subconscious thought) when I slept, and in the morning and I had a feeling about the Peridot Gemstone that I could only share in a picture.  This is a right brain way of speaking.  This is also how God speaks to us.  In a picture language.  That is why we are so influenced by what we see on television.  The pulsing vibrations of the Crystal Liquid Screen lulls you into an Alpha State allowing others to dump their thoughts into your subconsciousness.   But I digress, because I am still collecting my thoughts about how this Peridot Gemstones’ energy affects me.    All I know is I am going to create a piece of jewelry out of this random collection of Yellow-Green Stones and as I work, my thoughts about this stone are embedded into its crystal formatted energy.  When My Customer picks up this piece of jewelry, they are affected by the Peridot gemstone and affected by my thoughts about the gemstone.  I can imbue This Peridot, permeate it with my feelings.   If my thought is random the attached feeling will be random…But if my thoughts are clear, aware, and responding to my surroundings, I can influence this gemstones’ energy to hold my thoughts and in effect transfer those thoughts to another human being without words, only by way of the crystal going from me to the person buying the piece of jewelry.  My energy is captured by the yellow-green light ray and will not unattached itself until the buyer has worn the jewelry and consciously attached their own intentions to this Peridot Gemstone. I am not sure if my thoughts can ever be totally un-attached though.   This is the crux of the true interest I have in this gemstone and all gemstones, crystals, and pearls.  Can I become aware and can I imbue an intentional thought that will further good and break a cycle of pain, or even heal someone with this intentional thought?  In this world, the next, another dimension, to eternity and back?

Well good morning my chicks, I’ll have more thoughts and I will take the time to sort them out here.

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5 responses to “Just another Peridot

  1. A great article on peridot and your dreams. You said it very well about the conscious and subconcious. The photo you took is soooo beautiful it could be a poster. The blue-violet spring flowers and the selection of loose spring-green peridot are very vibrant and uplifting. Thanks for your insights. Peridot is found on Mars and in astroids and meteors. So far the only gemstone found off planet. Want to see that piece of jewelry when it is made!!!

    • Thanks! I am so grateful for a space to share my discoveries about gemstones. Do you collect or study Gemstones? Share your experiences love to hear about them.

  2. When I read your post last week, I was wearing green 🙂
    and your words lingered in my mind until I had to follow the green energy and as a result I created 3 “Nesting Spirits”… small moon beams, dreaming away.
    You are a very inspiring woman my friend.
    Great information in here.
    I am wishing for you many blessings and a shower of sales in your Etsy store.

  3. I saw them on Etsy You are AwesomeArt.etsy .com! I love the Moon Beam Spirit Dolls. I would like to share them on this site. Could I do an interview? My readers would freak over your work. Let me know I’ll set it in motion.

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