A Tizzy

Why am I in this thing called a tizzy?  What is a Tizzy?  How Can I get Out of This Tizzy?  Seems to be a Vortex of Anxiety here.  This how I combat a tizzy:  I reach into my medicine bag and hold this!

Fossilized Coral Pendant Enhancer

Gratitude is the Gateway

One of the great things about this gemstone is that it is here at all.  How many years does it take to create a fossil?  The fact that someone found this gemstone, cut it, faceted it, put a hole through it, sold it, I bought it, made it into some thing you can wear, and now it is posted on a worldwide device that alerts you to its existence.  WoW – now this bead wants to say

Hello 🙂

A Fabulous Fossil – Coral – All The Shades of Calm – Great for your Medicine Bag.  The structure of coral looks like a Tootsie Roll.  All Beautifully stacked in neat columns.  This Softly Faceted top drilled Bead is smooth to the skin.

This is a Custom Made Piece so it is sold.  It was made to slide over a 3mm leather necklace with a small lobster claw clasp.  And,  I can make this so it slides over the clasp and rests over your pearl or gemstone strand making a Pendant Enhancer!  Just tell me the size (mm) of your necklace and I can make you a Rustic Modern Look for any of your classic necklaces.



4 responses to “The COLORS OF CALM

  1. TIZZY? WHO SAID TIZZY? I have my herb tea and my medicine bag and there is calm on the horizon. Should I offer a medicine bag to a friend who is too uptight?

  2. Ahhh yes! Offer a medicine bag conversation first though. Don’t want to sound preachy. Helpful cool – all knowing goddess – Fabulous if you can stand the resistance and rejection 🙂 The best part is if it is the right medicine you offer they will take it – eventually. The spirit heals in perfect timing and you might not be the one who gets the credit for the heal! Your job is to offer and move on sort of like Johnny Apple Seed (or at least his legend). Happy Healing let me know how you do and what is working.

  3. That’s a beautiful gemstone for sure – I am fond of fossil stones. Makes a great adornment for a medicine bag!

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