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The solid copper sculpture is hand shaped in a rustic modern design capturing the free form spirit of the piece. I used a Lentil shaped Cech bead that looks like a tekite as the center of the hand. It gives a feeling of the curved & flat planes of a hand. The structure is wrapped in yards of 24g wired for strength and to convey the way the energy travels on the piece. 

The Big Blue bead is appox 38mm Hand Made Artisan Lampwork Bead. I left a open lip above this bead to add another gem or crystal. The Dangle is a machine facetted Rock Crystal 10mm Bead. The crown is a 10mm Bicone of AB Swarovski Crystal.

The Copper Healing Hand measures 4.5″LX2.5″ W. The Bale is big enough to fit over most clasps or a thong of rawhide:)

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I had made these hands for decades and I had a thought about making one full size.  Image

So much for keeping it simple.  I was so involved I lost track of time and when it was finished РI was amazed.  I had no idea how meditative the making would be.  Image

I used a lot of gemstones, Rock Crystal rounds, Chalcedony, Citrine. Coral. Pyrite,¬†Pearls, Amazonite, facetted Crystals, Swarovski crystals to name a few. It became complicated. Then I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it. ¬†


This is the back of the structured hand. ¬†It reminded me of the needlepoint I did decades ago. ¬†I loved the way the weaving of the tiny copper wires made the finished piece pleasing on both sides. ¬†The Natural Carnelian was so beautiful in the sunlight. ¬†I love these copper sculptures so much and this hand is working it’s magic spell everyday now. ¬†The project has given birth to many critters – some are recognizable shapes but some seem to be – different. ¬†More like a spirit ornament. ¬†I’ll post them as they emerge. ¬†If you are making something like this would you like to share the pictures here? ¬†I would love to see them! ¬†Here is another shot of the Gemstone Healing Hand.Image

If you would like to talk to me on my Facebook Timeline –>X<–Click the X and away you’ll Zoom then we can share our designs. ¬†I would like that. ¬†Just let me know by leaving a message ūüôā then I can friend you ūüôā ¬†

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Warrior Stone  by WETCLOUD

Moss Agate: The Warrior Stone

My Spiritual Warrior Stone: Moss Agate

Warrior Stone , a photo by WETCLOUD on Flickr.

Are You Obsessing?

Obsessed with a particular behavior?   Is It Healthy?  Why are You Attracted?   Why the interest Now?  These are questions you are asking about something that has caught your attention.


It is about the time and the times of your life. Stages are like doors they open we go through with some trepidations but we go through the doorway. On the other side we discover new things and we busy ourselves liking them or not.

Moss Agate: Warrior Stone

Carry It With You

My Medicine Bag

This is a Medicine bag with a Moss Agate. I call it my Warrior Stone.  When faced with a new project or a sadness in life I gather my bag and look for this stone.  It reminds me when I wear it or hold it in my hand to

Look for the Mystery and Find the Adventure

This bag is under $10 the Moss Agate Gemstone Pendant is Niobium wrapped¬†with a Big Bale to fit over most clasps and is available at my ETSY Web Store. ¬† If You want to Own This check out my web store –>X<—Click Here ¬†If It isn’t there check Here–>X<–this is my Facebook Timeline (I’m liking it there) and comment on any ‘ol thing I posted and Let’s Talk ¬†

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The Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond Quartz Beads

Mysteriously Captivating

I must have certain gemstones even if they are not popular. ¬†It seems as though some gems are coming into my view and I have never noticed I needed them before. ¬†Now my collection will include some exotics and I have found a source for some very interesting colored gemstones too ūüôā ¬†I love winter!

This Strand of stones I found on ETSY –> MiGems¬†<– you will find these and many Fabulous Gemstones there.

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Rose Quartz Meditations

Open the 4th Chakra with Rose Quartz

Truth is a Single Spirit

A Human can’t hold two truths at the same time. ¬†One truth will out weigh the other truth for some reason and the one truth that fits into the time stream of circumstance will win out as the ruling truth. ¬†Until circumstances change a new truth will not be permitted to be entertained. ¬†We are so busy we hardly take a moment to consider where we are and how we got here. ¬†It is enough to just be here. ¬†That is why I am wondering about how to nudge myself into a comfortable way of looking at my new thought life.

About Life & Death

I had long ago given up Buddha for Jesus. ¬†My truth was based on circumstance, proximity, and social connections. ¬†I am now looking at my 20 years in Christian Dogma and I realize when I left a church I left my reason to hold tightly to a truth based on proximity. ¬†So I understood that. ¬†When I was shunned by my friends for not being in that church I understood they were not able to hold our friendship as truth because their circumstances were still tied to the social gathering at the place called ‘the church’. ¬†I was left with the struggle of spirit and what was my relation to it if I was not tied by proximity or circumstance. ¬†I was left with the freedom to choose the thoughts to embrace by ‘feeling.’

Feelings have proven to be mysterious so they could not be trusted.  

The things (not animated) I am attracted to become interesting on a different level because I was really looking for a way to express my struggle with God (the Spirit) and my physical existence.  This brings me to the Rose Quartz Meditation.

In this meditation I look at a piece of Rose Quartz. ¬†In looking I hold a thought. ¬†Open My Heart. ¬†I want to see what Jesus sees through my eyes. ¬†I want to feel what will draw me closer to God. ¬†I want to see the things God brings me and contemplate my humanness in harmony with spirit. ¬†This is the thought this is the space and this opens a tiny light the color of a watermelon slice. ¬†My eyes close and I see the light is filled with dark spots. ¬†The light becomes normal and the dark becomes a focus. ¬†In focusing on the dark the light surrounds the speck of dark and the dark disappears into the light. ¬†This causes a feeling of movement while sitting still. ¬†The light changes form and I am left open. ¬†I can hold this thought¬†for a short time. ¬†In that time a thought changes. ¬†I can feel it but it isn’t clear. ¬†The effect of creating a space for this to happen is¬†Awareness. ¬†Making a space for this to happen again is¬†Intention.

Is the Rose Quartz doing IT?

No.  What is making the space for the thought is You.  The Gemstone is a focal point with the ability to be partnered with your intentions.  Crystals can hold energy.  Fact dude.  So I am using a stone to solidify (represents) a thought toward a thing.  My meditation is on Spirit.  The spot I think on is John 4:24.  Simple as that my meditation finished I go about my day and the next morning I feel different.  I work it out in my rested hours.  Life is a mystery.  Celebrate Life.

Any Questions?  Any comments?  I will communicate with you.

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Gemstones Affect Your Moods

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Rustic Modern Design Hypoallergenic Gemstone earrings are available from looksgoodonya.etsy.com. I have listed a few new pieces that speak to the need to protect yourself but also the need to have gemstones that add the power to send and receive energy from the people you protect and love.  To start the conversation about gemstone energy I want to talk about Marcel Vogel, www.vogelcrystals.net .  Griselda Tello, awesomeart.etsy.com, asked me what I thought of his teaching and I said I would look into it.  In an easy tidbit, he was an amazing dude that invented the crystal coating you put on chips to make the info able to transfer from one place to another.  He worked for IBM, became rich and famous, and when he retired he began the work on transferring energy and thought with a crystal that he produced that has a twelve sided cut.  These crystals are available at a high price but the manufacture of this type of crystal is available from lapidary artists at etsy.com.  OK, so what do I think?  Fabulous, Namesta, the God in me recognizes the God in You, enough said.

Now to these earrings, A piece of Rock Crystal Quartz on a Argentium Sterling Silver Hand Forged Ear wire is a very good thing to wear.  This is what I said on my website on ETSY:

Clear Rock Crystal faceted 11mm teardrop Crystals adorn Argentium Sterling Silver Modern hypoallergenic Hoops. The wire¬†hammered for strength and shine and fall 1.25″ from your piercing. I love this design and if you haven’t tried it yet I know you will love it too.

This sterling silver is a modern and hypoallergenic choice for most even those who have found that normal sterling makes a black/green/itchy infected mess of their ear lobes. The Argentium Sterling has less copper in the 925 alloy making it less likely to tarnish. You won’t have to use harsh chemicals to clean it, all you¬†need¬†is a little soap and water and a towel down with a soft cloth. ¬†These modern earrings¬†made with a 20¬†¬†gauge wire which is the average gauge used in America. ¬†In Europe they use 18 gauge and of course I can make that for you too.

So what about these gemstones…According to Vogel information, vogelcrystals.net High Quality Crystals (Optical Quality), Amethyst, Citrine, Smokey Quartz, and Ametrine ¬†helps transport information from one dimension to another like in Quantum Theory. ¬†I refer to something that I read by, Rumi Da (Ron Carson) and I am only saying, not because I think my earrings will pop you into the fifth dimension but we can ‘Play‘ with gemstones and crystals ¬†intending to¬†become more available to these thoughts. ¬†This awareness and with the ¬†intention to become more aware, and in wearing any crystal (natural or synthetic) you can increase your ability to attract more information toward your-self. ¬†I’m just sayin’…If you want to start somewhere, you can start with me. ¬†I make my gemstone jewelry with the intension to help, protect, heal, and ‘break the torment‘ cycle that you have gotten yourself into. ¬†That’s all I’m sayin’. ¬†No gemstone can do anything with out your permission so what you intend – ¬†that is what will happen. ¬†To speak more on this mater, later…