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The solid copper sculpture is hand shaped in a rustic modern design capturing the free form spirit of the piece. I used a Lentil shaped Cech bead that looks like a tekite as the center of the hand. It gives a feeling of the curved & flat planes of a hand. The structure is wrapped in yards of 24g wired for strength and to convey the way the energy travels on the piece. 

The Big Blue bead is appox 38mm Hand Made Artisan Lampwork Bead. I left a open lip above this bead to add another gem or crystal. The Dangle is a machine facetted Rock Crystal 10mm Bead. The crown is a 10mm Bicone of AB Swarovski Crystal.

The Copper Healing Hand measures 4.5″LX2.5″ W. The Bale is big enough to fit over most clasps or a thong of rawhide:)

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I had made these hands for decades and I had a thought about making one full size.  Image

So much for keeping it simple.  I was so involved I lost track of time and when it was finished – I was amazed.  I had no idea how meditative the making would be.  Image

I used a lot of gemstones, Rock Crystal rounds, Chalcedony, Citrine. Coral. Pyrite, Pearls, Amazonite, facetted Crystals, Swarovski crystals to name a few. It became complicated. Then I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it.  


This is the back of the structured hand.  It reminded me of the needlepoint I did decades ago.  I loved the way the weaving of the tiny copper wires made the finished piece pleasing on both sides.  The Natural Carnelian was so beautiful in the sunlight.  I love these copper sculptures so much and this hand is working it’s magic spell everyday now.  The project has given birth to many critters – some are recognizable shapes but some seem to be – different.  More like a spirit ornament.  I’ll post them as they emerge.  If you are making something like this would you like to share the pictures here?  I would love to see them!  Here is another shot of the Gemstone Healing Hand.Image

If you would like to talk to me on my Facebook Timeline –>X<–Click the X and away you’ll Zoom then we can share our designs.  I would like that.  Just let me know by leaving a message 🙂 then I can friend you 🙂  

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What Is A Healing Hand?

Healing Hand Wand by WETCLOUD

A Symbol for People who Care to Help Others.  The Healing Hand

Have a Heart

Healing Hand Wand, a photo by WETCLOUD on Flickr.

I have been making these for years but decided to make them for my ETSY shop too. This one is copper, bone, a cowry shell, Swarovski Crystals, and a 14mm Hessonite Chalcedony.  They will be decorated or plain and will range from $3 – $30. This one was custom-made and sold for $27 and is 5″ long.

Sculpted Rainbow Dragonfly Pin

Rainbow Dragonfly Pin by WETCLOUD
Rainbow Dragonfly Pin, a photo by WETCLOUD on Flickr.

Rainbow Dragonfly made with Swarovski crystals. Center crystal vintage Pagoda.  Wire mesh wings with brass pinback.   This is a 2.5″ long with a wing span of 3″ crystal sculpture.
This is loosely but securely lashed to the pinback. This will make it easy to use as sculpture or in another art piece.

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Swarovski Crystal Dragonfly

Born In Water

Just another Peridot

What happens when I turn my concentration to a mineral?  Why do I feel something that I can’t quit describe?  After looking at my gemstone I feel like I am dipping my hands into warm water.  It feels good but I can’t describe the feeling. Why does it feel like I am out of control?  Is it the Gemstone that makes me uncomfortable?

Peridot Can Be Imbued With Intentional Thoughts

When You turn your attention to any subject you see strands of your thoughts when you sleep.  In this state of subconsciousness these strands connect to form a new conscious thought.  When you awake you feel you have a new, deliberate thought.  This is the difference between conscious (having awareness, awake, knowledge) and subconscious (not fully aware but feeling something influence, tugging at my thoughts and actions.)   I was seeing the morning and I noticed the grape colored flowers along the sidewalk.  A thought came to pick the flowers and dump my stash of Peridot Gemstones, chips, pearls, Swarovski crystals, and Peridot Jasper into a pile with the flowers and that would show how I am seeing Peridot now after I concentrated my thoughts about the Peridot in general and posted it last night.   This morning I felt something and I couldn’t explain the feeling but I  saw the Gemstone through the feelings I have about the colors of brilliant Spring.

This is what I think  happened…My left brain (linear thought) collided with right brain (subconscious thought) when I slept, and in the morning and I had a feeling about the Peridot Gemstone that I could only share in a picture.  This is a right brain way of speaking.  This is also how God speaks to us.  In a picture language.  That is why we are so influenced by what we see on television.  The pulsing vibrations of the Crystal Liquid Screen lulls you into an Alpha State allowing others to dump their thoughts into your subconsciousness.   But I digress, because I am still collecting my thoughts about how this Peridot Gemstones’ energy affects me.    All I know is I am going to create a piece of jewelry out of this random collection of Yellow-Green Stones and as I work, my thoughts about this stone are embedded into its crystal formatted energy.  When My Customer picks up this piece of jewelry, they are affected by the Peridot gemstone and affected by my thoughts about the gemstone.  I can imbue This Peridot, permeate it with my feelings.   If my thought is random the attached feeling will be random…But if my thoughts are clear, aware, and responding to my surroundings, I can influence this gemstones’ energy to hold my thoughts and in effect transfer those thoughts to another human being without words, only by way of the crystal going from me to the person buying the piece of jewelry.  My energy is captured by the yellow-green light ray and will not unattached itself until the buyer has worn the jewelry and consciously attached their own intentions to this Peridot Gemstone. I am not sure if my thoughts can ever be totally un-attached though.   This is the crux of the true interest I have in this gemstone and all gemstones, crystals, and pearls.  Can I become aware and can I imbue an intentional thought that will further good and break a cycle of pain, or even heal someone with this intentional thought?  In this world, the next, another dimension, to eternity and back?

Well good morning my chicks, I’ll have more thoughts and I will take the time to sort them out here.

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Powerful Red Garnet Gemstones

Secure Your Lifestyle in Style

Rustic Modern Hypoallergenic Bracelet

Secure your Money and Life Style with Garnet Gemstones

Are you this person? Your deepest connection is with your body and the earth.  Your Primary Desire is to secure your life style.  You want to command a power place.  You have an appetizing zeal for sex, fashion, music, food, and did I say sex?  You are in search of the place on this earth that revs your engine.  You are the one who moves by instinct and people say you are street smart.

If You are Looking for
a symbol of power but you want to keep your feminine mystery, wearing Red Garnet Gemstones will awaken and attract the opportunities that you need to secure your life with the  money to live in the style you envision. However, if you are also sensitive to metals it is hard to find that perfect piece of jewelry.  I have made this bracelet Hypoallergenic in that nothing touches your pulse point but gemstones and pearls.

I used Deeply Powerful Dark Red Garnet gemstone smooth 8mm rounds separated by sterling silver spacers and Burgundy and Siam Swarovski Bicone Beads. The toggle clasp is a center drilled Stick Pearl (Biwa), secured by dancing pearls and a Northern Hill Tribe (99% pure silver) Bead.  Top drilled dancing pearls make the  loop. The Biwa Pearl continually reminds you of your eternal spiritual essence by reflecting the beauty of your highest self.

The only thing that touches this delicate pulse point on the wrist is Garnet and Pearl. Gemstones that touch this point are very affective and can influence you, really. If you need  grounding and if you need to secure your life financially, this is a great bracelet for you. Clean this with a soft cloth and warm water. Air dry every time you wear it. This keeps the energy free-flowing.

The length is 8″, it comfortably fits my wrist. I wear an ID 7.5″ bracelets. You can BUY this bracelet here at:  looksgoodonya.etsy.com

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