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What Is A Healing Hand?

Healing Hand Wand by WETCLOUD

A Symbol for People who Care to Help Others.  The Healing Hand

Have a Heart

Healing Hand Wand, a photo by WETCLOUD on Flickr.

I have been making these for years but decided to make them for my ETSY shop too. This one is copper, bone, a cowry shell, Swarovski Crystals, and a 14mm Hessonite Chalcedony.  They will be decorated or plain and will range from $3 – $30. This one was custom-made and sold for $27 and is 5″ long.


Me & My Gemstone

Now that you have picked a gemstone and you have it in your possession, tell me, is it in the form of a piece of jewelry?  It wouldn’t surprise me.  For 5,000 years we have worn Gemstone Jewelry on 2 areas of our bodies.

Amethyst The Violet Ray of Mercury

The throat power seat of the 5th Chakra,  Opening the Center of communication and  the left wrist, the place where we receive energy.  Endless chatter of a ‘energy crisis’ is the universe telling me to pay attention to energy now, my power source, and to revive myself with the things I find in the Earth.  I know that all I need is here and all the puzzle pieces are here too.  I had a dream where the piece I held had shoe prints connected with dashes like directions to a dance.  When I awoke, I felt a knowing that the dance was familiar and all I am waiting for is a partner, or, partners to finish this dervish.

Amethyst Gemstone of Mercury Closet to The Sun

My Gemstone this week is the Amethyst.  The Gemstone of Mercury closest Planet to the Sun.   This Violet Gem-ray  enters the body at the throat.  A portal of self-expression.  Mercury is the messenger of the Gods in Mythology.  The ancient symbol of Mercury is a  scepter entwined by two serpents today it is  the symbol of the medical profession.    If you wear the Amethyst Gemstone at the throat, it aids in understanding and will help you to say it so others will understand too.  Great for teachers that want to heal or healers that need to teach.

The left wrist is where we receive energy and the right hand is where we release the energy we have received.   This is where we wear our Quartz driven Watches, our favorite gemstone bracelets and our wedding rings that hold the most precious of gemstones, the symbol of constant faithfulness.   The left hand. When I wear Amethyst on my left wrist I activate the energy to improve my awareness exciting my mind to seek and explore.  To express my journey is why I choose the Amethyst.  Writing or speaking  words are powerful.  In the beginning was the Word and the Word created all things.  If I have anything to say it is to urge you to look at this gemstone.  It arrives in an egg-shaped stone and when  cracked open these hexagonal crystals of deep purple point to the center of the rock.  I flow with my gemstone to the center of my being.

ORBs by Moonlight

Where the thoughts are glowing ORBs of Neon Pink and Blue pulling me into the center of my thoughts.  No time to waste grab your gemstone and give it a try.  If it works it is a trip if not you still have a valuable gemstone that in time will win your heart.  guaranteed.

As Always I urge you to go to my store  looksgoodonya.etsy.com to see all the gemstones I use in easy to wear, mostly hypoallergenic  jewelry.  Let me know what you think, I am always happy to hear from you.