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Mystic Moon

Mystic Moon by WETCLOUD
Mystic Moon, a photo by WETCLOUD on Flickr.

In Case You Didn’t See the Moon Last Night


Enlightened Today Asshole Tomorrow

En-Lighten Up Baby

 Wearing  Bloodstone I feel connected to my body and I feel the Energy of the Earth.  

Stone of Courage

 Bloodstone, also known as Heliotrope, is an intense healing stone working the 1st -4th Chakras,  aligning these energy fields producing a harmony vibration  that renews your physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  This is the inherent strength of the gemstone.  When I wear this stone I feel an unction toward unselfishness and this helps me make decisions that are good for all concerned.  A Big Plus:  Wearing Bloodstone helps cut through obscure thought so I can write in the physical about this gemstone that speaks of the spiritual realm.

Bloodstone with Argentium Sterling Earrings

 When I meditate, or pray,  while wearing this stone I open avenues to this realm and I receive messages that I interpret as  practical intuition.  This gentle energy helps me turn my understanding into wisdom.  Wisdom to know what I can  change now and what is left for another time.  Example:  This gemstone helps to remove toxins from my body.  One day I am actively working to rid toxins the next day I am loading up on pepperoni Pizza swilling it all down with an Ice Cold Beer.  Seems like I am living a duel existence.  I am.  Being pulled isn’t comfortable.

Wear Bloodstone on Your Left Wrist

Bloodstone Energy whispers patience.  Be compassionate toward myself.   Give myself the kindness I offer others.  Helps me recognise the turmoil as I race toward perfection.  David Pond said in, Chakras For Beginners, “enlightened today, asshole tomorrow”.  It is the way it is.  This is the language of Honor.  To live this life is an honor and privilege. Sitting on the platform where you deliver the ‘should’ and ‘should not’  to others and toward yourself makes you feel unhappy.  This dis-empowers you.  When you touch the Bloodstone you will remember to keep this in mind when you, or others, are only being human.

Courage to Understand

 Enlighten Up, baby.   Pettiness, anger, neurotic  patterns, harsh words and judgments are not ‘off the path’ they are simply part of it. Our path takes spiritual courage.  What is the life of a sojourner?  What looks like a rock maybe a gemstone.  Pick It Up.  Embrace the journey.  Take help where you can Receive it.  Truth is all around you.  Deep is calling to the Deep within You.  Gemstones  have energy.  They are here to help.  You’ll feel the difference when you let them.  Just knowing your current issues are your souls growth and discerning whether to tame or utterly destroy these issues puts it in the right perspective.   Ahhh!  Perspective.

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Thank you for being here.   I appreciate ya.



Me & My Gemstone

Now that you have picked a gemstone and you have it in your possession, tell me, is it in the form of a piece of jewelry?  It wouldn’t surprise me.  For 5,000 years we have worn Gemstone Jewelry on 2 areas of our bodies.

Amethyst The Violet Ray of Mercury

The throat power seat of the 5th Chakra,  Opening the Center of communication and  the left wrist, the place where we receive energy.  Endless chatter of a ‘energy crisis’ is the universe telling me to pay attention to energy now, my power source, and to revive myself with the things I find in the Earth.  I know that all I need is here and all the puzzle pieces are here too.  I had a dream where the piece I held had shoe prints connected with dashes like directions to a dance.  When I awoke, I felt a knowing that the dance was familiar and all I am waiting for is a partner, or, partners to finish this dervish.

Amethyst Gemstone of Mercury Closet to The Sun

My Gemstone this week is the Amethyst.  The Gemstone of Mercury closest Planet to the Sun.   This Violet Gem-ray  enters the body at the throat.  A portal of self-expression.  Mercury is the messenger of the Gods in Mythology.  The ancient symbol of Mercury is a  scepter entwined by two serpents today it is  the symbol of the medical profession.    If you wear the Amethyst Gemstone at the throat, it aids in understanding and will help you to say it so others will understand too.  Great for teachers that want to heal or healers that need to teach.

The left wrist is where we receive energy and the right hand is where we release the energy we have received.   This is where we wear our Quartz driven Watches, our favorite gemstone bracelets and our wedding rings that hold the most precious of gemstones, the symbol of constant faithfulness.   The left hand. When I wear Amethyst on my left wrist I activate the energy to improve my awareness exciting my mind to seek and explore.  To express my journey is why I choose the Amethyst.  Writing or speaking  words are powerful.  In the beginning was the Word and the Word created all things.  If I have anything to say it is to urge you to look at this gemstone.  It arrives in an egg-shaped stone and when  cracked open these hexagonal crystals of deep purple point to the center of the rock.  I flow with my gemstone to the center of my being.

ORBs by Moonlight

Where the thoughts are glowing ORBs of Neon Pink and Blue pulling me into the center of my thoughts.  No time to waste grab your gemstone and give it a try.  If it works it is a trip if not you still have a valuable gemstone that in time will win your heart.  guaranteed.

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Choosing Your Gemstone

What You Look At Changes You

How do you know what mineral or gemstone is good for you and which one do you buy?   If you are asking that question I guarantee it will take you on an interesting quest.  First, don’t be afraid to make a choice.  You are extremely wise and intuitive, remember, you are a replica of the Creative Force That Designed the Universe.  You are the You-Niverse.  Be aware of the superstitions and ‘rules’ you have been taught and go beyond what others say is your Birthstone.  You will be attracted to the stone you are in need of.  Just like if you taste something you can tell if you want to eat it.  Look at the gemstone and see if it is pulling you toward it.  Don’t limit yourself.  There is a message in every stone, a certain vibration, a correlation between the gemstone, the planets, and you.

Moss Agate The Warrior Stone

Start looking for your stone in a Jewelry Store.  What is attractive to you.  Ask to hold it.  See how much it is.  Now just walk away from it.  Do you think about it.  Is it calling you.  Now, look for that stone in a lapidary store.  The uncut rough  is less expensive and it is just as powerful as the faceted ones in the jewelry store.  Your Gemstone will be affordable and will not be a burden for you financially.  All things will be perfect and feel right to you.   A Picture of a crystal or gemstone is as powerful as the stone sometimes.   I have seen pictures of Vogel Crystals that have such a high vibrational pull that I go into deep meditation by just looking at the computer screen.  After you have investigated the crystals or gemstones buy it and take it home.

Bloodstone on an Amethyst

Clean Your Gemstone

There is no One Way to clear, or cleanse your gemstone.  Consider how many people have handled this stone before you bought it.  No telling but it will have been a lot.  So, you can put it under running water and then air dry it outside for 24 hours.  You can bury it in the ground for a day or two.  You can put it salt water (my favorite) then air dry it in the sun or in the moonlight.  These are my suggestions if you have a way you do it let me know!  All crystals are born in water and buried in the earth, so by giving it a bath and isolating it in the darkness of the soil you are rejuvenating it, sort of like a shower is to us each day.  After the clearing of the stone, you are ready to imprint the gemstone with your thoughts.

Goddess Stone of Blue Chalcedony

Now take the cleansed gemstone in your hand and look at it.  I am going to say meditate but I don’t mean, transcendental meditation where you forget where you are and you go traveling someplace else.  I mean, look at your crystal and feel yourself inside the gemstone.  Do you feel something?  This is you feeling the vibrational pull of the elements of the Earth and the pull of the universe toward you.  As you look at the gemstone the vibrational formation of the crystal structure in the stone will become imbued with your intentional thoughts.  Now you can use this gemstone to help you navigate through your day.  It can also help you during your dreams.  No telling what you and your gemstone will be able to do.

The crystal being yours is a powerful tool for  your intentions toward yourself and others. This gemstone and you will work together.  Now it will be very interesting for you to find out the history and the meaning of the stone. You already know in a super-subconscious way what the stone means to you.  But for the conscious level this is a good time to find the meaning or the history of this gemstone.

Let me know about your travels in gemstones.  Love to hear from you.  We are all learning and I am wanting to hear more on this subject.  You are welcome to find gemstone jewelry in my store on ETSY.   Here is the link:  looksgoodonya.etsy.com

Power Gemstones – Peridot

Peridot Rustic Nugget

Peridot is a Powerful Gemstone that Bridges the Heavens and Earth.  It is the Center Of Our Body and our Universe.

General knowledge:

  • Crystal System: Orthorhombic
  • Yellow/green light rays
  • Planet: Jupiter & Saturn
  • Strengthening Lower Back, Elimination
  • Other World: Assenting

The Peridot has a double light refraction making its light radiate both up toward heaven and down toward the earth.  This brings a great balance and quiets the entire system making it the great communicator of Gemstones.  A bridge of Yellow-Green Light .  The color of Spring and New Beginnings.

Important mines are in Aswan, Egypt,  known from around 3000 BC which makes sense because it was First mentioned in 5000 BC in the Hebrew text of Exodus (28:15-30.)  It is the second Gemstone on the Breast Plate of Aaron.  It is soft enough to have the tribe of  ‘Simeon’ inscribed into the gemstones surface.  Brought To Europe During the Crusades Peridot became the rage.  Peridot Gemstones  are a part of every Countries Royal Crown Jewels.  Peridot is born deep within our Earth from Volcanoes and are found embedded like chocolate chips in a cookie in Meteors falling from the sky. A Heaven Sent gemstone.

Healing: Peridot is that point where the Sun and The Moon touch.  Place your hand between your  breast bone above the belly button.  This is the third Chakra.  This is the center of gravity for our body, and for us, the universe.  The Vibrations of the Sun combined with Peridot brings help in translating energy from this center. Place the Peridot here  to help sort out the necessary from the unnecessary.  You are listening for that still small voice.  Become aware and quiet the mind so this voice will be translated  from your subconsciousness to your deliberate conscious state.

Peridot Meditation:

It would be a good thing to have  Peridot Jewelry on have a Gemstone  in the room a nice sized one has a 2′ influence radius.  Place both palms on your stomach.  Take in a deep breath and slowly exhale until all the air is gone.  Take a beat and breath in trough your nose and exhale 10 times in short, forceful breaths until you remove all the air from your lungs.  Now, feel the warmth under your hands and see it as yellow-green light.  Feel this color of the New Beginning.   Do this until you feel like chanting these words you can make up your own tune.

Peridot Healing Yellow - Green Ray

Born From Volcanoes and Meteorites



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If  you have a Peridot Gemstone hold it in your hand if not hold the color yellow/green in your mind’s eye.


Peridot vibrates to increase my knowing (Both hands on the solar plexus repeat 7 times)

Peridot eliminates my negative beliefs (both hands on the heart repeat 7 times)

Peridot is pulling me closer to God (both hands on the forehead repeat 7 times)

After this breathing exercise and chanting your mind will be quiet.  This is the time to ask your questions.  Seek the face of the one that knows your name.  Keep tapping at these questions even when you are going about the rest of your day.  Your answers will be coming toward you and since the Peridot works well at night (the moon light) be aware of your dreams.

Let me know what is working for you