Power Gemstones – Peridot

Peridot Rustic Nugget

Peridot is a Powerful Gemstone that Bridges the Heavens and Earth.  It is the Center Of Our Body and our Universe.

General knowledge:

  • Crystal System: Orthorhombic
  • Yellow/green light rays
  • Planet: Jupiter & Saturn
  • Strengthening Lower Back, Elimination
  • Other World: Assenting

The Peridot has a double light refraction making its light radiate both up toward heaven and down toward the earth.  This brings a great balance and quiets the entire system making it the great communicator of Gemstones.  A bridge of Yellow-Green Light .  The color of Spring and New Beginnings.

Important mines are in Aswan, Egypt,  known from around 3000 BC which makes sense because it was First mentioned in 5000 BC in the Hebrew text of Exodus (28:15-30.)  It is the second Gemstone on the Breast Plate of Aaron.  It is soft enough to have the tribe of  ‘Simeon’ inscribed into the gemstones surface.  Brought To Europe During the Crusades Peridot became the rage.  Peridot Gemstones  are a part of every Countries Royal Crown Jewels.  Peridot is born deep within our Earth from Volcanoes and are found embedded like chocolate chips in a cookie in Meteors falling from the sky. A Heaven Sent gemstone.

Healing: Peridot is that point where the Sun and The Moon touch.  Place your hand between your  breast bone above the belly button.  This is the third Chakra.  This is the center of gravity for our body, and for us, the universe.  The Vibrations of the Sun combined with Peridot brings help in translating energy from this center. Place the Peridot here  to help sort out the necessary from the unnecessary.  You are listening for that still small voice.  Become aware and quiet the mind so this voice will be translated  from your subconsciousness to your deliberate conscious state.

Peridot Meditation:

It would be a good thing to have  Peridot Jewelry on have a Gemstone  in the room a nice sized one has a 2′ influence radius.  Place both palms on your stomach.  Take in a deep breath and slowly exhale until all the air is gone.  Take a beat and breath in trough your nose and exhale 10 times in short, forceful breaths until you remove all the air from your lungs.  Now, feel the warmth under your hands and see it as yellow-green light.  Feel this color of the New Beginning.   Do this until you feel like chanting these words you can make up your own tune.

Peridot Healing Yellow - Green Ray

Born From Volcanoes and Meteorites



These Earrings and Necklace are found here on ETSY @looksgoodonya.etsy.com

If  you have a Peridot Gemstone hold it in your hand if not hold the color yellow/green in your mind’s eye.


Peridot vibrates to increase my knowing (Both hands on the solar plexus repeat 7 times)

Peridot eliminates my negative beliefs (both hands on the heart repeat 7 times)

Peridot is pulling me closer to God (both hands on the forehead repeat 7 times)

After this breathing exercise and chanting your mind will be quiet.  This is the time to ask your questions.  Seek the face of the one that knows your name.  Keep tapping at these questions even when you are going about the rest of your day.  Your answers will be coming toward you and since the Peridot works well at night (the moon light) be aware of your dreams.

Let me know what is working for you




3 responses to “Power Gemstones – Peridot

  1. Oh this is great! I have been trying to get back to research on chakras so this is really insightful. Beautiful pieces! I now love peridots more than ever.

  2. I loove peridots! great post.

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