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The sun burst through

a slit in the shade and lit up the Herkimer Diamond at the top of the Gemstone Stack.

Programing Gemstone Energy Amethyst & Herkimer Diamond

Gemstone Energizing Gemstone

I thought it startling and I was riveted to the shimmering outside shape of the Herkimer Diamond sitting on top of My Amethyst.  I felt a meshing and then a falling sensation as I closed my eyes and saw the Gemstones aura dance behind my eyelids.  A slash of bright yellow formed like a rind on the whiteness then a flame of red leaping  the glowing Gemstone Stack.

Moon Meditation Silver Rays of the Cosmic Current

Moon Meditation Silver Rays of the Cosmic Current

It seemed as if I was looking at the full moon.  I had received my Larimar 12 days ago and this would be my first full moon since she came.

Clearing Gemstones Before Programming Them

Larimar & Herkimer Diamonds sunbathe After ORMUS Shower

I felt her coming for 5 decades.  Seems a long time to wait for her to find me, or did I finally say yes to the tug of my destiny?  It all started when I was twelve.  That year when all things changed.  I was in great turmoil and crisis heaved in all directions.  I was lost.  My mother lost contact with me near my eleventh birthday as we lived in different houses.  I with my Grandma & Dad and she with her new family and my older sister.   I was forced to live with her part of the year when my Father went to Florida.  When I stayed with my Mother I stayed in my room.  Torn between two families I decided to belong to no tribe I would be loyal only to myself and my side kick sister, Bonnie Joy.

Darkness Is Where the Truth Is

We shared a bedroom until I turned 12.   My mother communicated by opening my bedroom door and throwing a book on my hospital cornered bed.   This time it was the  Sleeping Prophet by Edgar Casey.  I don’t believe in coincidence now but I thought it was an unusual subject.  It was that time of swirling hormones, divorce, abandonment, and sorrow that I first learned of a blue stone that would be found in the Caribbean that would issue healing to the World from Heaven.  

Intentional Gemstone Programming Larimar

The Universal Umbilical Cord

I read those words written forty years after the author had passed on yet it seemed someone spoke the words to me as I read them on the page.  I answered a loud and said, ” I want one of those stones“.  My curiosity compelled me to finish that book and everything else I could find to read about Edgar Casey.  Threw the years of Gemstone Attraction I found out the name of the Gemstone I was looking for.  You see, the Gemstone is Larimar,  a gift of a Gemstone the color of the Caribbean Sea.  A Fabled Link to the Fabled Land Of Atlantis.

Rustic Modern Gemstone Bracelet by looksgoodonya

Gemstones of the Earth & Sea

Larimar  vibrates at an earthly, low vibration until it is joined to its soul mate where they link their awareness and the Larimar will then vibrate to the Master Number 55.  The two become one intention and the human gains insight on how to heal oneself.

Larimar Gemstone Programming by looksgoodonya

After Linking This Stone Works with You

To just say it is a rock albeit an expensive rock, still, a rock would be fair enough but it wouldn’t close the conversation.  Is it to heal your whole body, yes, and beyond.  Can a gemstone really do this?

only if you have the faith of a trembling 12-year-old school girl.


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Please do.  You may find a Gemstone that is calling you




The Patterns of My Focused Attention

What holds my attention is light through a colored stone.  Gemstones capture my attention.   They hover about me, Zeppelin-ish, sparking waves of thought.  It’s fun to play in the reflected lights.

light through a colored stone

A Few Weeks Before Phnom Penh Fell

I was in Northern Thailand working, loving.  Almost famous I wore my beauty as a talisman. What in the world could go wrong?

After April 17th, being an American 150 Kilometers from the Cambodian border my request to extend my visa was denied.  I only had two weeks to shop. Determined to go to Burma for Jade my boss told me no, NO!   Under no circumstances, no.  I met a man named Hardy Stockman, a German Soldier of Fortune.  He offered to take me to a village in Burma where he was sure I would find the Jade I was looking for.  We traveled by car as long as the roads allowed.   When we got to the Fong River we had to walk across the bridge into Burma.   We crossed under the watchful glare of men with machine guns clutched to their chests.   I was electrified by danger and charged with adrenaline.  That mission for Jade linked my spirit forever to the intoxicating energy of  The Colored Gemstone.

How to Wear A Power Stone

The most effective way to harness the energy of a Gemstone is to wear it.  Bingo!  I am creating jewelry.  My problem:  I’m  allergic to metals.  That’s great.  I found my niche.  I could design jewelry for the Power Hungry Uber-Sensitive  Rustic Modern Girl.  She also would like Minimalist Furniture, Haiku Poetry,  Irish Knit Sweaters on a chilly morning  walk by the lake.  That’s My Girl.

Petro Tourmaline colors of Earth

I heard a story about a Princess dowager in ancient China who tried to acquire all the Tourmaline she could so she could be buried with it.  She believed something about the Gemstones’ Energy.  Hummm.  Looking for clues I stumbled upon greater minds like Marcel Vogel, David Pond,  Medicine Woman Running Deer, Brett Bravo, Melody.  So many people so many energies.   The Art of making Power Jewelry is:  Finding a Style &  Direction.  Now all I have to do is make something that doesn’t suck.

Rustic Modern Gemstone Jewelry

That brings me to non-corrosive Niobium, Titanium, Gold and now my new favorite, Argentium Sterling Silver.  My collection of  gemstones grow.   I make jewelry for myself and my friends.  My pile of jewelry grows.  I must find a way to sell more jewelry or stop buying gemstones.  I opened my Web Store on ETSY.   Now perfect strangers want to buy gemstone encrusted jewelry.  Oh and the original  Burmese Jade?  The Beads are always with me.   I talk to my gemstones.  I think they are beautiful.  They think I am Beautiful.  Who could argue with that logic?

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My Amethyst

Amethyst ORB & Friend

I carry an Amethyst, I sleep with an Amethyst and quite often if you see me I will be wearing an Amethyst as jewelry.  Did I pick this Gemstone or did the Amethyst  pick me?    Years ago I bought a box of rough Amethyst Rocks.  I loved the color but I wasn’t ‘drawn’ to them in any supernatural way.  I used them in art projects and gave them away until I was left with just one.  I found it one day as I was moving things around.   Covered with dust it didn’t look very pretty.  I thought I would wash it.  I dried it.  I set it on my kitchen window sill in the morning sunlight.  I looked at it when I was washing dishes.  I never gave it much thought.  Until we moved.  I packed My Amethyst in bubble wrap and put it in a safe place.  When we got to the new house I unpacked it and put it on my new kitchen window sill and then I had a passing thought.  Thank You.  I couldn’t have really heard it so I filed it under unexplained-things-that-I-will-think-about-when-I-have-time-later.

My Amethyst ORB

Years have passed and the pull that comes when I think about that gemstone can make me cry.   It was calling me.  I think it was in the key of A#.  Last year I was playing with my sister around a camp fire and there appeared in one of the photos this ORB.  An Amethyst ORB.  While editing these campfire photos I felt a draw, a familiar pull, toward an unknown object.  I had never seen anything like this and I thought, Uh-O.  The time to think this through has come and this journey is the best one ever.  My Amethyst ORB is always with me.  When ever I go outside I take my camera and I shoot the night around my front door.  I can call my ORB and my ORB will come and my ORB has friends.  They come in groups and circle round me  they come in clouds and make patterns that are cosmic geometry.

ORBs in a Cloud

Now I look at stars.  I count the hours till Moon rise.  I have changed.  And it is because of a gemstone.  Do I really sleep with my Amethyst.  Yes.  I put it under my pillow.  It helps me remember my dreams.  In my dreams I think.  In the morning I know things I didn’t know before.  Is the Gemstone still calling me.  Yes.

I now have conversations with a lot of gemstones.  They are beautiful and they think I am beautiful too.  Who could argue with logic like that?

My Amethyst Has Friends

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Me & My Gemstone

Now that you have picked a gemstone and you have it in your possession, tell me, is it in the form of a piece of jewelry?  It wouldn’t surprise me.  For 5,000 years we have worn Gemstone Jewelry on 2 areas of our bodies.

Amethyst The Violet Ray of Mercury

The throat power seat of the 5th Chakra,  Opening the Center of communication and  the left wrist, the place where we receive energy.  Endless chatter of a ‘energy crisis’ is the universe telling me to pay attention to energy now, my power source, and to revive myself with the things I find in the Earth.  I know that all I need is here and all the puzzle pieces are here too.  I had a dream where the piece I held had shoe prints connected with dashes like directions to a dance.  When I awoke, I felt a knowing that the dance was familiar and all I am waiting for is a partner, or, partners to finish this dervish.

Amethyst Gemstone of Mercury Closet to The Sun

My Gemstone this week is the Amethyst.  The Gemstone of Mercury closest Planet to the Sun.   This Violet Gem-ray  enters the body at the throat.  A portal of self-expression.  Mercury is the messenger of the Gods in Mythology.  The ancient symbol of Mercury is a  scepter entwined by two serpents today it is  the symbol of the medical profession.    If you wear the Amethyst Gemstone at the throat, it aids in understanding and will help you to say it so others will understand too.  Great for teachers that want to heal or healers that need to teach.

The left wrist is where we receive energy and the right hand is where we release the energy we have received.   This is where we wear our Quartz driven Watches, our favorite gemstone bracelets and our wedding rings that hold the most precious of gemstones, the symbol of constant faithfulness.   The left hand. When I wear Amethyst on my left wrist I activate the energy to improve my awareness exciting my mind to seek and explore.  To express my journey is why I choose the Amethyst.  Writing or speaking  words are powerful.  In the beginning was the Word and the Word created all things.  If I have anything to say it is to urge you to look at this gemstone.  It arrives in an egg-shaped stone and when  cracked open these hexagonal crystals of deep purple point to the center of the rock.  I flow with my gemstone to the center of my being.

ORBs by Moonlight

Where the thoughts are glowing ORBs of Neon Pink and Blue pulling me into the center of my thoughts.  No time to waste grab your gemstone and give it a try.  If it works it is a trip if not you still have a valuable gemstone that in time will win your heart.  guaranteed.

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