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The solid copper sculpture is hand shaped in a rustic modern design capturing the free form spirit of the piece. I used a Lentil shaped Cech bead that looks like a tekite as the center of the hand. It gives a feeling of the curved & flat planes of a hand. The structure is wrapped in yards of 24g wired for strength and to convey the way the energy travels on the piece. 

The Big Blue bead is appox 38mm Hand Made Artisan Lampwork Bead. I left a open lip above this bead to add another gem or crystal. The Dangle is a machine facetted Rock Crystal 10mm Bead. The crown is a 10mm Bicone of AB Swarovski Crystal.

The Copper Healing Hand measures 4.5″LX2.5″ W. The Bale is big enough to fit over most clasps or a thong of rawhide:)

This is for sale $55 on my ETSY Page –>X<–Click the spot and be whisked away to the wonderful land of owning ūüôā



What Is A Healing Hand?

Healing Hand Wand by WETCLOUD

A Symbol for People who Care to Help Others.  The Healing Hand

Have a Heart

Healing Hand Wand, a photo by WETCLOUD on Flickr.

I have been making these for years but decided to make them for my ETSY shop too. This one is copper, bone, a cowry shell, Swarovski Crystals, and a 14mm Hessonite Chalcedony. ¬†They will be decorated or plain and will range from $3 – $30. This one was custom-made and sold for $27 and is 5″ long.

Sculpted Rainbow Dragonfly Pin

Rainbow Dragonfly Pin by WETCLOUD
Rainbow Dragonfly Pin, a photo by WETCLOUD on Flickr.

Rainbow Dragonfly made with Swarovski crystals. Center crystal vintage Pagoda. ¬†Wire mesh wings with brass pinback. ¬† This is a 2.5″ long with a wing span of 3″ crystal sculpture.
This is loosely but securely lashed to the pinback. This will make it easy to use as sculpture or in another art piece.

Thank You for Being Here


Swarovski Crystal Dragonfly

Born In Water

White Pearls Blue Crystals

White Pearls Blue Crystals on a Leather and by looksgoodonya.


I try to use critical thinking

while looking for my authentic voice. ¬†I can never be comfortable just being myself. ¬† I always fudge the real me with veils of gauzy materials. ¬†Being¬†predisposed to like silk chiffon waving in a tropical breeze beneath a mostly sunny sky writing as totally me is like: ¬†It’s Summertime and you’re¬†invited to a cocktail party at a fabulous nudist colony with a private beach. ¬†When you show up at the nudist colony by the sea, ¬†you find you are the only one completely naked. ¬†The thing that seems reasonable is to sip on a vodka tonic saying to whoever happens to¬†look at you, ¬†“I¬†Thought it was a naked party“. ¬†After a while it gets stale. ¬†Like looking for your authenticity by writing as yourself on a public blog.

Moon in Libra 7/6/2011

Setting Moon in the Light of the Setting Sun

It’s almost been a year since We (the universal Imperial We) decided to take photos of the moon every month. ¬†The picture journal led us to apply our critical thinking cap strap pulled tightly under our pointy chins. ¬† We (BJoy & me¬†the real we) began to edit the photos and as we fooled around with the lighten/contrast to better see what was in the dark…We noticed ORBs . ¬†Other things are subjects since being¬†¬†reveled ¬†though the months of pictures too.


Visitors In An Amethyst Cloud

I have been through a Health Crisis (not me but a close relative) and a Spiritual Crisis followed close on its heels. ¬†That close on its heel was a little trite but in times like these a good throw-away line comes in handy. ¬†It is a comfort in the time of great need to know the name of the God you serve. ¬†Like Dylan said, ‘You’re ¬†Gonna Have to Serve Somebody‘. ¬†Being able to quote Dylan during a Spiritual/Health Crisis is also comforting. ¬†I think.

Smokey Quartz, Chrysocolla, Calcite, Included Quartz

I Gathered the Gemstone Together

For 33 days my loved one was on life support in ICU.  He looked like he was in the Matrix, hooked up to every machine pumping-pinging-analog read outs-blinking lights flashing-hospital machine in the world.  The smell of the room was ice-cold urine.  At least that is the emotional smell of the room.  It was as if Death stalked the corridors.  I kept thinking I see a dark thing darting around corners.  When I looked quickly to catch the black-robed scythe wielding bastard all I saw was the forced smile and the genuine pity from other visitors eyes as they watched their machined-up loved ones breath.

Buddha Contemplates John 4:24

Test Every Belief You Have

  I prayed.

Bjoy Sunstone ORMUS

ORMUS is Gathered Everyday

At the same time as this great CyClonic Wedge of Energy is flowing, my sister is editing the videotape of the ORMUS Conference ¬†2011 in Enota, GA. ¬†BJoy, had the misfortune of thinking the ORMUS dudes were all eating the same Rainbow Stew as she was but has since found out that all ¬†Mens Feet are cast in clay when it comes to making money. ¬†BJoy is a sensitive sort so she waited for the crisis to pass and is offering the DVD at an almost ‘free’ charge to cover her expenses and editing costs. ¬†As Bjoy says, “Men!” ¬†I agree.

I have bought gemstones. ¬†I am being drawn to Calcite, Included Quartz, Larimar, Pearls, Ruby and Chrysocolla. ¬†I have a new necklace I’m working on and I hope to finish it and I’ll post the first results of the ORMUS healing Necklace & Bracelets here.

The gemstone in the picture I bought from ForetTwo.etsy.com. ¬†Please take a look at Elizabeth’s Gemstones. ¬†See for yourself if these stones have a pull toward you.

The David Hudson Speaks DVD set is available here BjoyArt.etsy.com as are the fabulous Guardian Angels. This is a link to a short video about the conference¬†please feel free to visit this –> ¬†LINK ¬†<–This is a direct¬†link to YouTube.

I hope to post this Unique Handmade Gemstone Necklace soon but until then please free to check out my Powerful Gemstone Jewelry on Etsy.

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Weddings Pearls Rose Quartz & Sterling Silver

A Wedding Bracelet of Rose Quartz, Pearls, Silver & Leather

A Wedding Bracelet

She is getting married in a barn. ¬†OK. ¬†Works for me. ¬†Country Folk don’t need me to defend their taste. ¬†She wanted Seven pieces of Jewelry for her Bridesmaids . ¬† She asked for Timeless Jewelry in a Rustic Modern Style.¬†¬†A piece of Jewelry that would link all the girls together in a¬†great emotion while revealing the secret truth about each personality like the unfolding of a flower. ¬†OK, I ‘m there.¬†¬†The Order is real. ¬†¬†Over $700 so I must get to work. ¬†My first thought, Pearls.

We Emanate Energy

The Silver-White Ray of the Moon 

There is an¬†invisible emanation that we release from ourselves, capable of perception, that touches everything we come in contact with. We come in contact to the Moon every 24 hours. ¬† The Moon transmits a similar energy toward the cosmos that we are a part of. ¬†We bath-in this silver-white ray of light. ¬†We feel this ray in the pit of our stomach, a gut reaction, we turn to look at the Moon. ¬† ¬† We can’t help but look at the Moon. ¬†It is so fascinating in all its phases.

Gazing At The Full Moon

 We write Poetry to it.  We catch ourselves gazing at the full moon like a lover.  This Moon Energy is beauty shared with our lovers.  Feeling sexy yet?

Argentium Sterling Silver Birds Nest & Pearls

 This is where the Gemstone Pearl comes in.  The message we send to the universe (and to those in our wedding party) is that we hear the tolling of the bell of this cosmic moment and we share our love freely with those we love.  Oh!  To be young and in love with a white dress and a simple strand of pearls.  A Cultured Natural, Organic Gemstone called, Pearl,  Amplifies a  Message of Love.   

Cosmic Spiral With Pearl

Love directed by the Silver-White Moon Ray is symbolized by the white horse, unicorn , or bull spoken of throughout written history.   Like the Moon, it influences our emotions, speaking to us with the voice of our mother, we sense love from a place that is sensitive, vulnerable, open in mind-body and spirit.  A Pearl represents to the Male side of us the picture of the perfect mate.  The highest calling of union to spirit symbolized and cemented with the coupling of physical bodies.

Rustic Modern Leather, Pearl and Sapphire Crystals Bracelet

  Other Gemstones that resonate this energy are Rose Quartz,  Opal, and Agate (Chalcedony).  Just to let you know, I finished all my jewelry pieces including an anklet for the bride.  The wedding did take place in a barn on the island of Maui.  I saw pictures of the wedding.  Sublime.  Rustic Modern means living to the fullest and loving the handmade over the mass-produced.  I love the project and I love-making my gemstone Energy Jewelry.

Thanks for being here

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The Patterns of My Focused Attention

What holds my attention is light through a colored stone. ¬†Gemstones capture my attention. ¬† They hover about me, Zeppelin-ish, sparking waves of thought. ¬†It’s fun to play in the reflected lights.

light through a colored stone

A Few Weeks Before Phnom Penh Fell

I was in Northern Thailand working, loving.  Almost famous I wore my beauty as a talisman. What in the world could go wrong?

After April 17th, being an American 150 Kilometers from the Cambodian border my request to extend my visa was denied.  I only had two weeks to shop. Determined to go to Burma for Jade my boss told me no, NO!   Under no circumstances, no.  I met a man named Hardy Stockman, a German Soldier of Fortune.  He offered to take me to a village in Burma where he was sure I would find the Jade I was looking for.  We traveled by car as long as the roads allowed.   When we got to the Fong River we had to walk across the bridge into Burma.   We crossed under the watchful glare of men with machine guns clutched to their chests.   I was electrified by danger and charged with adrenaline.  That mission for Jade linked my spirit forever to the intoxicating energy of  The Colored Gemstone.

How to Wear A Power Stone

The most effective way to harness the energy of a Gemstone is to wear it. ¬†Bingo! ¬†I am creating jewelry. ¬†My problem: ¬†I’m ¬†allergic to metals. ¬†That’s great. ¬†I found my niche. ¬†I could design jewelry for the Power Hungry Uber-Sensitive ¬†Rustic Modern Girl. ¬†She¬†also would like Minimalist Furniture, Haiku Poetry, ¬†Irish Knit Sweaters on a chilly morning ¬†walk by the lake. ¬†That’s My Girl.

Petro Tourmaline colors of Earth

I heard a story about a Princess dowager in ancient China who tried to acquire all the Tourmaline she could so she could be buried with it. ¬†She believed something about the Gemstones’ Energy. ¬†Hummm. ¬†Looking for clues I stumbled upon greater minds like Marcel Vogel, David Pond, ¬†Medicine Woman Running Deer, Brett Bravo, Melody. ¬†So many people so many energies. ¬† The Art of making Power Jewelry is: ¬†Finding a Style & ¬†Direction. ¬†Now all I have to do is make something that doesn’t suck.

Rustic Modern Gemstone Jewelry

That brings me to non-corrosive Niobium, Titanium, Gold and now my new favorite, Argentium Sterling Silver.  My collection of  gemstones grow.   I make jewelry for myself and my friends.  My pile of jewelry grows.  I must find a way to sell more jewelry or stop buying gemstones.  I opened my Web Store on ETSY.   Now perfect strangers want to buy gemstone encrusted jewelry.  Oh and the original  Burmese Jade?  The Beads are always with me.   I talk to my gemstones.  I think they are beautiful.  They think I am Beautiful.  Who could argue with that logic?

My Web Store Is Here:  looksgoodonya.etsy.com  Please visit and see if a gemstone is calling you.



Ding-Dong Bloodstone Calling


Crystal reflection

I had a mishap with a bloodstone bracelet. ¬†I had worn this bracelet for two weeks through showers and bed tossing and a link just snapped and lucky for me I knew how to fix it. ¬†I finished with the repair so I washed it,¬†dried it and put it on a black sexy display. ¬†Didn’t wear it looked at it some. ¬†Just went about my daily
dharma then suddenly.  I put the bracelet on adjusted it, feeling the hardness and the vibrations of the newly cleansed gemstone.  The energy of the stone linked and I could see the clearness of the morning light.  It had rained, shocking in Oregon and all, and I walked the big dog round the building in the back and just down to the spring running river.  Seriously, it was clear bright sunshine filled light.  oOhoyeah.

The Color of Light

I saw this out cropping of wild growing untended herbs and flowers. ¬†Just my type of Gardening. ¬†The old-fashioned Lilacs held a center spot out by the shed. ¬†Nothing fancy just the way the light, the warmth of the morning sun, the glistening ¬†water on the corrugated roof. ¬† A mist softened the morning brightness for a second. ¬†Oh the smell of the warm Lilac Morning and the ¬†lavender-ness of it all. I’ll finish the story of the Bloodstone Bracelet later but I wanted you to see these shots of the morning walk. ¬†Please feel free to visit my web store on ETSY ¬†looksgoodonya.etsy.com¬†¬†Thank y’all for your comments. ¬†I appreciate ya.

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Me & My Gemstone

Now that you have picked a gemstone and you have it in your possession, tell me, is it in the form of a piece of jewelry? ¬†It wouldn’t surprise me. ¬†For 5,000 years we have worn Gemstone Jewelry on 2 areas of our bodies.

Amethyst The Violet Ray of Mercury

The throat power seat of the 5th Chakra, ¬†Opening the Center of communication and ¬†the left wrist, the place where we receive¬†energy. ¬†Endless chatter of a ‘energy crisis’ is the universe telling me to pay attention to energy now, my power source, and to revive myself with the things I find in the Earth. ¬†I know that all I need is here and all¬†the puzzle pieces are here too. ¬†I had a dream where the piece I held had shoe prints connected with dashes like directions to a dance. ¬†When I awoke, I felt a knowing that the dance was familiar and all I am waiting for is a partner, or, partners to finish this dervish.

Amethyst Gemstone of Mercury Closet to The Sun

My Gemstone this week is the Amethyst.  The Gemstone of Mercury closest Planet to the Sun.   This Violet Gem-ray  enters the body at the throat.  A portal of self-expression.  Mercury is the messenger of the Gods in Mythology.  The ancient symbol of Mercury is a  scepter entwined by two serpents today it is  the symbol of the medical profession.    If you wear the Amethyst Gemstone at the throat, it aids in understanding and will help you to say it so others will understand too.  Great for teachers that want to heal or healers that need to teach.

The left wrist is where we receive energy and the right hand is where we release the energy we have received.   This is where we wear our Quartz driven Watches, our favorite gemstone bracelets and our wedding rings that hold the most precious of gemstones, the symbol of constant faithfulness.   The left hand. When I wear Amethyst on my left wrist I activate the energy to improve my awareness exciting my mind to seek and explore.  To express my journey is why I choose the Amethyst.  Writing or speaking  words are powerful.  In the beginning was the Word and the Word created all things.  If I have anything to say it is to urge you to look at this gemstone.  It arrives in an egg-shaped stone and when  cracked open these hexagonal crystals of deep purple point to the center of the rock.  I flow with my gemstone to the center of my being.

ORBs by Moonlight

Where the thoughts are glowing ORBs of Neon Pink and Blue pulling me into the center of my thoughts.  No time to waste grab your gemstone and give it a try.  If it works it is a trip if not you still have a valuable gemstone that in time will win your heart.  guaranteed.

As Always I urge you to go to my store  looksgoodonya.etsy.com to see all the gemstones I use in easy to wear, mostly hypoallergenic  jewelry.  Let me know what you think, I am always happy to hear from you.