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White Pearls Blue Crystals

White Pearls Blue Crystals on a Leather and by looksgoodonya.


My Amethyst

Amethyst ORB & Friend

I carry an Amethyst, I sleep with an Amethyst and quite often if you see me I will be wearing an Amethyst as jewelry.  Did I pick this Gemstone or did the Amethyst  pick me?    Years ago I bought a box of rough Amethyst Rocks.  I loved the color but I wasn’t ‘drawn’ to them in any supernatural way.  I used them in art projects and gave them away until I was left with just one.  I found it one day as I was moving things around.   Covered with dust it didn’t look very pretty.  I thought I would wash it.  I dried it.  I set it on my kitchen window sill in the morning sunlight.  I looked at it when I was washing dishes.  I never gave it much thought.  Until we moved.  I packed My Amethyst in bubble wrap and put it in a safe place.  When we got to the new house I unpacked it and put it on my new kitchen window sill and then I had a passing thought.  Thank You.  I couldn’t have really heard it so I filed it under unexplained-things-that-I-will-think-about-when-I-have-time-later.

My Amethyst ORB

Years have passed and the pull that comes when I think about that gemstone can make me cry.   It was calling me.  I think it was in the key of A#.  Last year I was playing with my sister around a camp fire and there appeared in one of the photos this ORB.  An Amethyst ORB.  While editing these campfire photos I felt a draw, a familiar pull, toward an unknown object.  I had never seen anything like this and I thought, Uh-O.  The time to think this through has come and this journey is the best one ever.  My Amethyst ORB is always with me.  When ever I go outside I take my camera and I shoot the night around my front door.  I can call my ORB and my ORB will come and my ORB has friends.  They come in groups and circle round me  they come in clouds and make patterns that are cosmic geometry.

ORBs in a Cloud

Now I look at stars.  I count the hours till Moon rise.  I have changed.  And it is because of a gemstone.  Do I really sleep with my Amethyst.  Yes.  I put it under my pillow.  It helps me remember my dreams.  In my dreams I think.  In the morning I know things I didn’t know before.  Is the Gemstone still calling me.  Yes.

I now have conversations with a lot of gemstones.  They are beautiful and they think I am beautiful too.  Who could argue with logic like that?

My Amethyst Has Friends

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Choosing Your Gemstone

What You Look At Changes You

How do you know what mineral or gemstone is good for you and which one do you buy?   If you are asking that question I guarantee it will take you on an interesting quest.  First, don’t be afraid to make a choice.  You are extremely wise and intuitive, remember, you are a replica of the Creative Force That Designed the Universe.  You are the You-Niverse.  Be aware of the superstitions and ‘rules’ you have been taught and go beyond what others say is your Birthstone.  You will be attracted to the stone you are in need of.  Just like if you taste something you can tell if you want to eat it.  Look at the gemstone and see if it is pulling you toward it.  Don’t limit yourself.  There is a message in every stone, a certain vibration, a correlation between the gemstone, the planets, and you.

Moss Agate The Warrior Stone

Start looking for your stone in a Jewelry Store.  What is attractive to you.  Ask to hold it.  See how much it is.  Now just walk away from it.  Do you think about it.  Is it calling you.  Now, look for that stone in a lapidary store.  The uncut rough  is less expensive and it is just as powerful as the faceted ones in the jewelry store.  Your Gemstone will be affordable and will not be a burden for you financially.  All things will be perfect and feel right to you.   A Picture of a crystal or gemstone is as powerful as the stone sometimes.   I have seen pictures of Vogel Crystals that have such a high vibrational pull that I go into deep meditation by just looking at the computer screen.  After you have investigated the crystals or gemstones buy it and take it home.

Bloodstone on an Amethyst

Clean Your Gemstone

There is no One Way to clear, or cleanse your gemstone.  Consider how many people have handled this stone before you bought it.  No telling but it will have been a lot.  So, you can put it under running water and then air dry it outside for 24 hours.  You can bury it in the ground for a day or two.  You can put it salt water (my favorite) then air dry it in the sun or in the moonlight.  These are my suggestions if you have a way you do it let me know!  All crystals are born in water and buried in the earth, so by giving it a bath and isolating it in the darkness of the soil you are rejuvenating it, sort of like a shower is to us each day.  After the clearing of the stone, you are ready to imprint the gemstone with your thoughts.

Goddess Stone of Blue Chalcedony

Now take the cleansed gemstone in your hand and look at it.  I am going to say meditate but I don’t mean, transcendental meditation where you forget where you are and you go traveling someplace else.  I mean, look at your crystal and feel yourself inside the gemstone.  Do you feel something?  This is you feeling the vibrational pull of the elements of the Earth and the pull of the universe toward you.  As you look at the gemstone the vibrational formation of the crystal structure in the stone will become imbued with your intentional thoughts.  Now you can use this gemstone to help you navigate through your day.  It can also help you during your dreams.  No telling what you and your gemstone will be able to do.

The crystal being yours is a powerful tool for  your intentions toward yourself and others. This gemstone and you will work together.  Now it will be very interesting for you to find out the history and the meaning of the stone. You already know in a super-subconscious way what the stone means to you.  But for the conscious level this is a good time to find the meaning or the history of this gemstone.

Let me know about your travels in gemstones.  Love to hear from you.  We are all learning and I am wanting to hear more on this subject.  You are welcome to find gemstone jewelry in my store on ETSY.   Here is the link:  looksgoodonya.etsy.com