My Amethyst

Amethyst ORB & Friend

I carry an Amethyst, I sleep with an Amethyst and quite often if you see me I will be wearing an Amethyst as jewelry.  Did I pick this Gemstone or did the Amethyst  pick me?    Years ago I bought a box of rough Amethyst Rocks.  I loved the color but I wasn’t ‘drawn’ to them in any supernatural way.  I used them in art projects and gave them away until I was left with just one.  I found it one day as I was moving things around.   Covered with dust it didn’t look very pretty.  I thought I would wash it.  I dried it.  I set it on my kitchen window sill in the morning sunlight.  I looked at it when I was washing dishes.  I never gave it much thought.  Until we moved.  I packed My Amethyst in bubble wrap and put it in a safe place.  When we got to the new house I unpacked it and put it on my new kitchen window sill and then I had a passing thought.  Thank You.  I couldn’t have really heard it so I filed it under unexplained-things-that-I-will-think-about-when-I-have-time-later.

My Amethyst ORB

Years have passed and the pull that comes when I think about that gemstone can make me cry.   It was calling me.  I think it was in the key of A#.  Last year I was playing with my sister around a camp fire and there appeared in one of the photos this ORB.  An Amethyst ORB.  While editing these campfire photos I felt a draw, a familiar pull, toward an unknown object.  I had never seen anything like this and I thought, Uh-O.  The time to think this through has come and this journey is the best one ever.  My Amethyst ORB is always with me.  When ever I go outside I take my camera and I shoot the night around my front door.  I can call my ORB and my ORB will come and my ORB has friends.  They come in groups and circle round me  they come in clouds and make patterns that are cosmic geometry.

ORBs in a Cloud

Now I look at stars.  I count the hours till Moon rise.  I have changed.  And it is because of a gemstone.  Do I really sleep with my Amethyst.  Yes.  I put it under my pillow.  It helps me remember my dreams.  In my dreams I think.  In the morning I know things I didn’t know before.  Is the Gemstone still calling me.  Yes.

I now have conversations with a lot of gemstones.  They are beautiful and they think I am beautiful too.  Who could argue with logic like that?

My Amethyst Has Friends

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