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The solid copper sculpture is hand shaped in a rustic modern design capturing the free form spirit of the piece. I used a Lentil shaped Cech bead that looks like a tekite as the center of the hand. It gives a feeling of the curved & flat planes of a hand. The structure is wrapped in yards of 24g wired for strength and to convey the way the energy travels on the piece. 

The Big Blue bead is appox 38mm Hand Made Artisan Lampwork Bead. I left a open lip above this bead to add another gem or crystal. The Dangle is a machine facetted Rock Crystal 10mm Bead. The crown is a 10mm Bicone of AB Swarovski Crystal.

The Copper Healing Hand measures 4.5″LX2.5″ W. The Bale is big enough to fit over most clasps or a thong of rawhide:)

This is for sale $55 on my ETSY Page –>X<–Click the spot and be whisked away to the wonderful land of owning ūüôā



I had made these hands for decades and I had a thought about making one full size.  Image

So much for keeping it simple.  I was so involved I lost track of time and when it was finished РI was amazed.  I had no idea how meditative the making would be.  Image

I used a lot of gemstones, Rock Crystal rounds, Chalcedony, Citrine. Coral. Pyrite,¬†Pearls, Amazonite, facetted Crystals, Swarovski crystals to name a few. It became complicated. Then I couldn’t stop taking pictures of it. ¬†


This is the back of the structured hand. ¬†It reminded me of the needlepoint I did decades ago. ¬†I loved the way the weaving of the tiny copper wires made the finished piece pleasing on both sides. ¬†The Natural Carnelian was so beautiful in the sunlight. ¬†I love these copper sculptures so much and this hand is working it’s magic spell everyday now. ¬†The project has given birth to many critters – some are recognizable shapes but some seem to be – different. ¬†More like a spirit ornament. ¬†I’ll post them as they emerge. ¬†If you are making something like this would you like to share the pictures here? ¬†I would love to see them! ¬†Here is another shot of the Gemstone Healing Hand.Image

If you would like to talk to me on my Facebook Timeline –>X<–Click the X and away you’ll Zoom then we can share our designs. ¬†I would like that. ¬†Just let me know by leaving a message ūüôā then I can friend you ūüôā ¬†

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 A Tizzy

Why am I in this thing called a tizzy?  What is a Tizzy?  How Can I get Out of This Tizzy?  Seems to be a Vortex of Anxiety here.  This how I combat a tizzy:  I reach into my medicine bag and hold this!

Fossilized Coral Pendant Enhancer

Gratitude is the Gateway

One of the great things about this gemstone is that it is here at all.  How many years does it take to create a fossil?  The fact that someone found this gemstone, cut it, faceted it, put a hole through it, sold it, I bought it, made it into some thing you can wear, and now it is posted on a worldwide device that alerts you to its existence.  WoW Рnow this bead wants to say

Hello ūüôā

A Fabulous Fossil РCoral РAll The Shades of Calm РGreat for your Medicine Bag.  The structure of coral looks like a Tootsie Roll.  All Beautifully stacked in neat columns.  This Softly Faceted top drilled Bead is smooth to the skin.

This is a Custom Made Piece so it is sold.  It was made to slide over a 3mm leather necklace with a small lobster claw clasp.  And,  I can make this so it slides over the clasp and rests over your pearl or gemstone strand making a Pendant Enhancer!  Just tell me the size (mm) of your necklace and I can make you a Rustic Modern Look for any of your classic necklaces.



What Is A Healing Hand?

Healing Hand Wand by WETCLOUD

A Symbol for People who Care to Help Others.  The Healing Hand

Have a Heart

Healing Hand Wand, a photo by WETCLOUD on Flickr.

I have been making these for years but decided to make them for my ETSY shop too. This one is copper, bone, a cowry shell, Swarovski Crystals, and a 14mm Hessonite Chalcedony. ¬†They will be decorated or plain and will range from $3 – $30. This one was custom-made and sold for $27 and is 5″ long.

Sculpted Rainbow Dragonfly Pin

Rainbow Dragonfly Pin by WETCLOUD
Rainbow Dragonfly Pin, a photo by WETCLOUD on Flickr.

Rainbow Dragonfly made with Swarovski crystals. Center crystal vintage Pagoda. ¬†Wire mesh wings with brass pinback. ¬† This is a 2.5″ long with a wing span of 3″ crystal sculpture.
This is loosely but securely lashed to the pinback. This will make it easy to use as sculpture or in another art piece.

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Swarovski Crystal Dragonfly

Born In Water

A Pure Crystal Teardrop

Love Crystal Gemstone Pendant

AAA Rock Crystal Quartz Pendant
Love Crystal Pendant

AAA Brazilian Rock Crystal * 18mm Teardrop * Wire Wrapped Big Bale made with gold filled wire. Chain is Gold Fill Clasp is vermeil Lobster (or artisan hook) Dramatic statement with a powerful gemstone. Easily Programmable Quartz Intentional Gemstone Jewelry ūüôā

AAA Brazilian Rock Crystal Pendant

Intentional Programmable Gemstone

What is Intentional Jewelry?

and how do you clear and program gemstones?

  1. I mostly refer to an intentional gemstone as a high quality crystal that can be cleared * gazed * imprinted with your wish/hope/desire.
  2. The recipe is :  Get the gemstone that attracts you.
  3. Clear it by holding it under running water then pat dry with a soft cloth. ¬† Put it in the moonlight overnight if the moon is bright in the earth for three days for a darkness bath or the sunlight for a sunshine bath for however long you feel ‘right’ about taking the gemstone in hand again ūüôā
  4. When you have some uninterrupted time take the gemstone up and gaze at it looking at all the side and feeling it in your hands.  Do this until you feel the gemstone and you connecting.  It will take as long as it takes.
  5. As the link with your crystal is taking place –¬†talk to the stone. ¬†In your normal conversational voice ask it to help carry out …fill in the blank.

Depending on the gemstone it will echo, send, and/or broadcast this want/hope/desire.

AAA Brazilian Crystal Pendant

Intentional Programmable Crystal Pendant

¬†There is a lot to connecting with a stone. ¬† You can do it if you want but you can just wear the gem because it is beautiful and you like it. ¬†It is the same thing. ¬†Meaning sooner or later the gem will connect with you and it will broadcast whatever but there is a way to direct your thoughts too ūüôā

  A Real Gem Is and it is lovely and in some mysterious way we feel something when we look at them.

This pendant is gone to its partner and I can make another for you. ¬†I invite you to¬†connect with ¬†me on –> Facebook <– ¬†or go directly to my ETSY shop and Buy A Gemstone Artisan Designed piece of Jewelry –>X<–

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White Pearls Blue Crystals

White Pearls Blue Crystals on a Leather and by looksgoodonya.


 I have been afraid and learned to control my fears.

This has led me to explore the types of fear and why they stop me from thinking.  Because of the recent illness of my son-in-law I learned about intercessory prayer and how it works.

Intercessory Prayer Gemstones

Calcite Crystal Gemstone Stack

These Gemstones were not to heal Casey they are to bolster me as I do the work of the spirit. ¬†Gemstone energy is for me and I will try to do better this year at explaining myself and my journey. ¬†Thanks to all of you who are interested. ¬†Like one of my commenters said ¬†“I think I agree with you but it is of so little consequence I don’t know why it matters.” ¬†Things you don’t see but you feel are really there. ¬†They speak to you and nudge you in directions that when you get there you ask

“Where am I and How did I get Here?”

Thank You for being here



I Feel So Much Better Now

I Have Always Been Melancholy

I don’t think they saw me.¬†I can never tell. ¬†Their eyes dart here here-over there you never know what they are looking at. ¬†I overheard the fishermen talking and I told my MomMer and she said, “Poppycock! ¬†You misunderstood”.

Gemstones of the Earth & Sea

Landlubber is not my first language.  I know enough to get by though and I distinctly heard them talking about the shoes.  Shoes made of Gemstones.  They intimated (something they do when they lose the words) that Landlubber women can dance all night long in those Gemstone Shoes.

Some of the hyphenated words I didn’t get but I know I heard the word Larimar.

Land Locked Mer-People Live In Lake Titicaca

This is what I understand:  This Gemstone vibrates to the Master Number 55 emitting an Energy Ray that helps to break self-imposed chains that bind your thoughts.  This Energy speaks of Healing & Love to the place you stand.  Where you walk Peace follows in your steps.  If you wear Larimar Jewelry it acts as a transmitter to those of other worlds opening communication with them.  Oh!  Can you imagine the happy steps you can take in shoes made of Larimar?

I need to give you some of my story if you may think I’m frivolous. ¬† I am a maid, an unmarried mer-woman, but I have graduated from crystal school so I know a thing or two.

I have known many sorrows

Mer-People History:  There is a legend old as the water itself, that we used to swim freely in the vast oceans. Many millenia ago, eons really, the great flood and earth changes came and locked us into this high mountain lake. It took a while and many of us were lost until we adapted to the fresh water we swim in today. Today we live in calculated waiting, knowing that the earth will shift once again, and we may be released from our fresh water holding tank. When the day comes that the salt waters return, there will be another period of readjustment. Many may parish. But the energy vortex that is the healing love of mer-folk will continue.

I have always been melancholy. ¬†MomMer says it will pass but she doesn’t want forbidden things. ¬†I am torn between two worlds. ¬†Maybe three. ¬†Pain surrounds me and I am looking for escape but life may be something that I have not thought of before.

Larimar Blue Topaz Pearls Amethyst & Leather

If I don’t choose feet made for dancing in Larimar Gemstone Shoes (makes me shiver to write the words) what are my options? ¬†You know me too well I’m afraid. ¬†A few¬†¬†pieces of Larimar Jewelry could tide me over. ¬† I would like a Rustic Modern Gemstone Necklace ¬†Designed by looksgoodonya.etsy.com ¬†I wonder if she could make me a Ring. ¬†Who am I kidding? ¬†I want Earrings and the Bracelet too.

Please visit me at my ETSY Web Store where you might find a piece of jewelry that will make you feel so much better.

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Light On Water

Catching the fleeting sunset in Oregon shows me the play of light on water displayed on the big screen of the twilight sky.   Lilacs blooming in full strength perfume the periwinkle air.

Lilacs in Twilight

If words are unspoken are they unheard? ¬†I hear a calm calling in the midst of the closing chaos. ¬†Will I turn away from the beauty because my pain is so great? ¬†Will I choose to listen for the voice that soothes in favor of the cutting rush of angry adrenaline? ¬† Must I really choose. ¬†Hold this moment and think about it tomorrow. ¬†Clouds disappear in the rising sun. ¬†What is this tugging me. ¬†My camera is handy so I set the scene and the pictures revel the subtle play of sunlight on water in a gemstone called Opal. ¬†My grandmothers name was Opal. ¬†She played the part of Mother to tragedies in my youth. ¬† In summer, ¬†while it was still light, she sends me to bed.¬†¬†My resentment has no boundaries. ¬†I knew she was coming. ¬†I listen for her heels clicking on the linoleum as she turns the hall light off. ¬†I do not say, “Good Night.” ¬†Darkness surrounds ¬†my anger. ¬†Sleep is a chore. ¬†¬†Reluctantly, I give up the day and surrender to the night.

The Softness of Peruvian Pink Opal

Opals are unlike any other gemstone.  They defy their classification.  This gemstone forms by evaporation.  See a volcano erupting.  Molten stone is flung high in the air.  Falling into pocky cold rocks filled with water.  A tiny seed of crystal attached to the hot rock enveloped in great clouds of steam.  More molten stone hurls itself on top of the crystal seed.  The incubator of time  passes.   A man picks up the rock.  Cracks it open and sees the mysterious play of light reflecting  rainbows inside a solid rock.  Heady stuff.  Opals come in many colors and are a large part water just like we are.  Like us they are fragile.  The colors are best felt in their reflection on the skin and Mexican Fire Opals play to win.

Fire Opals Sacred Stone

Fire Opal responds to the warm water evaporating from our skin. ¬†They, like the peruvian Pink, don’t display fire. ¬†They are the color of fire. ¬†Red being the most precious has the most water. ¬†I designed a necklace ¬†of Opals so they jumble over your skin. ¬†They move flashing the message, “Come Here”. ¬†Take a better look. ¬†Scrying¬†is a term used to describe how sound waves make patterns on the face of water. ¬†If you talk to an Opal they react. ¬†They hold ¬†thought forming ¬†patterns and show it on your skin. ¬†Careful, ¬†people will be able to see your thoughts. ¬† Like a neon sign at night. Life is a series of choices. ¬† By choosing to handle with care I have learned to love an Opal.

Apricot Sunset Sky

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See if a gemstone is calling you.