Tektite & Niobium Pendant

Tektite & Niobium Pendant by WETCLOUD
Tektite & Niobium Pendant, a photo by WETCLOUD on Flickr.

Raw Gemstone Niobium Wrapped Pendant by Looksgoodonya. This can be hung all ways. Fabulous Raw Points of Power Gemstones.


Modern String of Pearls

I love this necklace and I love working with Niobium a non-corrosive, hypoallergenic metal. Modern and Fabulous these large top drilled natural (Not Dyed) 12mm peach pearls will never see tarnish. I hard wired this creating a metal link chain with dancing pearls. No Clasp – at 24″ it will slip nicely over your head. Easy-Peasy Pearl Necklace 🙂


Dragonfly on a Cattail

Never Far From Home

I painted this dragonfly at rest because I am compelled  to express the way I feel about my home and the comfort and protection that is there for me.  The way you feel is a bird of Emotion empowering you to create your life.  Name your winged bird and see it create for you the desires of your heart.  My Dragonfly Heart is safe at the Waters Edge.

The Herkimer Diamond

Herkimer Diamond Quartz Beads

Mysteriously Captivating

I must have certain gemstones even if they are not popular.  It seems as though some gems are coming into my view and I have never noticed I needed them before.  Now my collection will include some exotics and I have found a source for some very interesting colored gemstones too 🙂  I love winter!

This Strand of stones I found on ETSY –> MiGems <– you will find these and many Fabulous Gemstones there.

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MerAngel Peacock Pearl Earrings

The Goddess Abides in these Argentium Sterling Earrings by Looksgoodonya.  They hover between the Heavens and the Sea bringing Blessings to the wearer.  They are Sterling Silver Posts with Rubber Ear Clutches.  They fall 2″ from your piercing.  Free Shipping under $90

Pearl and Argentium Sterling Silver Angel Earrings

Caught between the Sea & Sky Mer-Angel Earrings

Sculpted Rainbow Dragonfly Pin

Rainbow Dragonfly Pin by WETCLOUD
Rainbow Dragonfly Pin, a photo by WETCLOUD on Flickr.

Rainbow Dragonfly made with Swarovski crystals. Center crystal vintage Pagoda.  Wire mesh wings with brass pinback.   This is a 2.5″ long with a wing span of 3″ crystal sculpture.
This is loosely but securely lashed to the pinback. This will make it easy to use as sculpture or in another art piece.

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Swarovski Crystal Dragonfly

Born In Water

Long Slim Sexy Gemstone Earrings

Long Slim Sexy Gemstone Earrings by looksgoodonya. Woven to make a fluid cloth like earring that wears light on the ear with maximum sparkle. With posts it falls 3″ from piercing and 4″ if an ear wire is used.
under $80


you can see silence is the most effective voice
for mirroring beauty

A Pure Crystal Teardrop

Love Crystal Gemstone Pendant

AAA Rock Crystal Quartz Pendant
Love Crystal Pendant

AAA Brazilian Rock Crystal * 18mm Teardrop * Wire Wrapped Big Bale made with gold filled wire. Chain is Gold Fill Clasp is vermeil Lobster (or artisan hook) Dramatic statement with a powerful gemstone. Easily Programmable Quartz Intentional Gemstone Jewelry 🙂

AAA Brazilian Rock Crystal Pendant

Intentional Programmable Gemstone

What is Intentional Jewelry?

and how do you clear and program gemstones?

  1. I mostly refer to an intentional gemstone as a high quality crystal that can be cleared * gazed * imprinted with your wish/hope/desire.
  2. The recipe is :  Get the gemstone that attracts you.
  3. Clear it by holding it under running water then pat dry with a soft cloth.   Put it in the moonlight overnight if the moon is bright in the earth for three days for a darkness bath or the sunlight for a sunshine bath for however long you feel ‘right’ about taking the gemstone in hand again 🙂
  4. When you have some uninterrupted time take the gemstone up and gaze at it looking at all the side and feeling it in your hands.  Do this until you feel the gemstone and you connecting.  It will take as long as it takes.
  5. As the link with your crystal is taking place – talk to the stone.  In your normal conversational voice ask it to help carry out …fill in the blank.

Depending on the gemstone it will echo, send, and/or broadcast this want/hope/desire.

AAA Brazilian Crystal Pendant

Intentional Programmable Crystal Pendant

 There is a lot to connecting with a stone.   You can do it if you want but you can just wear the gem because it is beautiful and you like it.  It is the same thing.  Meaning sooner or later the gem will connect with you and it will broadcast whatever but there is a way to direct your thoughts too 🙂

  A Real Gem Is and it is lovely and in some mysterious way we feel something when we look at them.

This pendant is gone to its partner and I can make another for you.  I invite you to connect with  me on –> Facebook <–  or go directly to my ETSY shop and Buy A Gemstone Artisan Designed piece of Jewelry –>X<–

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Love Gemstone Necklace

Love Gemstone Necklace by WETCLOUD
Love Gemstone Necklace, a photo by WETCLOUD on Flickr.

Rose Quartz * The Love Gemstone Necklace * by Looksgoodonya * Gold Fill * Artisan Made Cosmic Spiral Clasp * Long Necklace 38″ * Pearls * Under $200