I read the news

today a couple that had been married 72 years died an hour apart holding hands. The reporter was gushing about the wonderful bonds of marriage and how it is so great that they died together. It was so smiley for the reporter because it was an event that happen naturally. I don’t know if he passed first or not the reporter didn’t say. Whichever went first was fortunate. I wept to imagine the depth of loneliness in that last hour.


2 responses to “I read the news

  1. Shirley Williams

    This is a beautiful piece Kathleen. Highlighting the true emotion of this obviously wonderful bond that had taken place and now passed.

  2. We talked about this and Jim was saying it was a good thing until he ran the whole thing down and we were the sweet old couple. When he got to the end of his story tears filled his eyes and he said, ” You can go first I will beg God for that last hour but you always have your prayers answered just fix this now babe. ” I’ll work on it πŸ™‚

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