pour out my thoughts upon you…

so let it be written so let it be done. In these times we turn to a rock. We look for the Thoughts that can sooth our fearful heart. We find an old book and even though you’re not supposed to write in books – you can’t help but find a marker. Hopefully you can remember this. By the time you mark the words they are already written on your heart. You knew it from the moment your eyes saw the words that they unlocked a feeling linked to a thought nurtured by strangers guarded by angels till this moment when your eyes met the eye that cherished you from the foundations of the worlds. And you wept.


2 responses to “pour out my thoughts upon you…

  1. First there was the word. Word and thought must have formed rock. We are rock. We rock on through life looking for a purpose strong enough to support the words that bring tears to our eyes.

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