I Think Therefore, I Tweet

I do like twitter. I just like to do it from other places than twitter.
i think that is my rage against the man
It is all I can Muster right now.
your eye balls
ps – please wear glasses the light of the computer screen is killing me

5 responses to “I Think Therefore, I Tweet

  1. Lol, gotta love subdued rage against the Man! I was gaga for Twitter and then I had to wean it out a little. Now I’m lost when I go over there.
    That or I’m secrectly raging against the Man too, one of those. 🙂

  2. Your sentiment rings true. I am starting a print publication with this issue among others about the invasion of the instant, and how we might reclaim a bit of our humanness. Your pure stone craft is a perfect example of this. Abservd Magazine’s mission is to slow down, focus, and listen. We search for perspective, not a sound bite. We’re not anti-digital, we’re pro-human.

    Keep up the good work! It’s beautiful.

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