A Health Crisis Is A Spiritual Crisis

ORMUS Healing Energy Crystal

Included Quartz Arrives From ForetTwo Gemstones

I had a Health Crisis that I was aware of but because it wasn’t mine I thought about it but I didn’t push because I was polite, I didn’t want to intrude.  When the call came it was a shock but accepted  because we knew the other shoe had dropped.   I was embroiled in Prayer for 28 days before the news came of a miraculous healing for Casey.  I held White Light, always, and employed the Holy Ghost as guide to lead me to the information that would bring Casey to a full recovery that they said would never happen.  They always say it will never happen.  It is always like that before they are proven wrong.  Miracles always surprises doctors.

ORMUS Healing Gemstone Jewelry

Joy Negotiates Between Two Mountains

I never posted this story.  This is a time jump four months later.   The story after, Casey had a miracle return to life.  He is back to work with most of his activity returned to him.  I prayed for it but it is amazing it really happened.  I am hoping for a return to the days of miracles.  I long for the Renaissance to Begin.  Right now I’m grateful for a place to commune and reflect.  I can be of most good doing what I love most.  It is enough to be an Army of one.  There are like-minded people everywhere you look .

Thanks for being here

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(e)WETCLOUD dude 🙂


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