Fern Ridge Reservoir

Fern Ridge Reservoir  by WETCLOUD
Fern Ridge Reservoir , a photo by WETCLOUD on Flickr.

This duck followed me always watching with red eyes when I pulled my camera up to shoot – He disappeared. Without even a ripple to show where he had been. Two weeks I walked, catching sight of him never getting a shot. The time I spent at this Reservoir was magical with awakenings. Campfires, music, laughing, eating outside, sleeping in my own bed, the world shaking, our financial world crumbling, again, and this is my reward. Me and My Camera. Taking it all in. Responding in wonder at each shot, each download amazing. The pictures were more amazing relived then I ever gave myself awareness at the moment of living.
It is as though I can feel the time slow by this study. Weird & Cool. Times seems to stretch out when you are in danger.
I neared the end of my morning walks at the beginning of Fall. I hadn’t gotten the shot of this Duck. As I experienced a calmness of water – I had never seen before, I looked back at the marina docks and caught this duck looking at me and I walked toward it and it did not move. I brought my camera with determination to my eyesight. I flipped the lever to shoot the shot. I stopped, looked, adjusted for depth and the duck stayed quiet – He let me take the shot turned silently and with majestic grace swam away from me. It shook me to think I could connect with a duck. Or in my mind I connected with a duck. The absurdity of connecting with a duck is all but wonderfully laughable as not to be of any importance at all in the great scheme of things.


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