I Play The Didgeridoo

Where There's Smoke

Weather permitting we build campfires.  We love to play, sing, and laugh around the camp fire.  My sister, BJoy, has been pursuing the oddities in life for at least 20 years.  She has seen and photographed ORBs for years and now I see them too.  She is editing a film about ORMUS, ORBs, Gemstones and Music.  Love her scope.  My interest is gemstones but the ORBs showed up soon after the didgeridoo sounded that note.

I play the Didgeridoo

Do You Do The didgeridoo?

I played a note and BJ caught a photo of it.  The musical note became a storm of swirling Orbs.  They appeared as snow or as if we were in a soup of ORBs.  We were overcome and the only light was fire light.  BJ has a new single,  Do You Do the Didgeridoo?,   I play the didgeridoo.  She says there is a flip side called, Didgeri Funk.  Can’t wait to hear it.  I have bullied her into putting a Web Store on ETSY.

inspiration Angel


She has unique handmade  wonderful Inspiration Angels for sale.  Love those Angels!  BJoy went to the Northern most part of Georgia to explore the making and distribution of ORMUS where she met some fabulous people.  Some Geeky Smarts and Scientist-y types.  That’s where she met Lady Lark who says she talks to rocks.  Ahhh.  A kindred soul.

ORMUS Convention Enota Georgia Lady Lark and Giant Crystals

Lady Lark Guards the Crystals

Lady Lark is an expert in the crystal and gemstone energy flow.  BJoy snapped this picture of a Bloodstone Necklace that was hand-mined, carved, made into a necklace and given to Lady Lark by a friend from New Zealand.  Her Bloodstone is going to be a great help to her and she feels a ray of Healing Energy.

Lady Lark Wears Power Jewelry

I have seen pictures of the mammoth Crystals she keeps at the hill-top house called Birds Nest.  The clear crystal shafts emanate a white energy ray that enters the body from all points at once.

These Crystals awaken the Cosmic Consciousness and Lady

Lark is as lively as the crystals she keeps.  Her right wrist is clad in an Artisan Made Hand Forged & Stamped Copper Bracelet.  Her Left wrist bracelet, made by BJ, of  Hand Mined Oregon Sunstones and Carnelian Gemstone Chips.

Larimar Power Gemstone

I love to surf the web stores that sell minerals and gemstones.  What a luxury to shop from your comfy chair.  The pictures are very important but I have bought stones that are decidedly ugly but still have a powerful pull.    The Stone that is coming is a powerful stone.  A Caribbean Gemstone called Larimar.

Are You interested in Gemstones.   Do you see ORBs in the night?   What in the You-Niverse is going on?  Let’s talk about it.

This Larimar Gemstone is available on ETSY in this wonderful store here.  LarimarAndSilver.etsy.com

Here is the link to my Web Store on ETSY   looksgoodonya.etsy.com  where I’m sure you will find a Power Gemstone Bracelet that is calling to you.

Thank you for being here

ORB Soup

Just sitting Around The Campfire




6 responses to “WHY THE ATTRACTION?

  1. Really great writing and photos!

    Choose Happiness & Success!

  2. Ah….. that night even an old grump like me knew something was up. Hey by the way how much did you spend on that Larimar?

  3. Love this post! We have an opportunity here to tell our story. I like how you talked about that note you blew on the didgeridoo around the campfire last August. I just happened to snap a picture at the exact same moment that you blew the note. When I looked at the view finder on the camera and saw the ‘orb soup’, I sucked air and made a startled sound. I snapped another photo, and all but a few orbs were gone and the few that were left seemed to be flying out of the picture.
    I showed the picture , while still in the camera, to the guys and your James was interested in the event. It started us all thinking differently. More out of the box?
    You and I decided to take as many pictures as we could and collect data for a year. That was nearly 10 months ago and we have collected some good data. What ever these lights are that we get in our cameras, one thing for sure; it is beautiful, strange, awesome art.
    Last week while in Enota, I had an opportunity to conduct a scientific experiment with orbs. Peter May is a musician and he makes a toner that makes the sound frequency of 528. That is the sound that resonates the heart chakra. Peter was toning and Tom Waters, an electrical engineer was measuring the magnetics. The magnetics spiked for no apparant reason and I got my camera to see if there were any lights or orbs around this event. And yes, there were! Don’t know what it means, or what orbs are, but it all may have something to do with sound and magnetics.

  4. I have always loved jewelry , stones and the mineral kingdom so this blog resonates with my soul. Kathleen your jewelry is magical, and other worldly. I love how much closer you make me feel to these lovely creatures.
    This is an extra special post! Joy documented the whole Enota International Ormus Conference and is making a documentary/movie about this extra ordinary substance! What an extraordinary woman. Just blessed to have found you all. My lovely Ormus family! I love you!
    I’m still blown away by the Orbs! Why not a whole website about them?

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