I was given a book.  To hold it in my hands was magic.

Floating Rocks

 Michael was studying calligraphy.  Feeling the weight the title held my eye.   I am Intrigued.  I slipped the book from its creamy portfolio case wondering if I had washed my hands lately.  A Japanese Scrapbook with toggle clasps.  Remembering to be gracious to the presenter of this perfect prize, I kissed his cheek and slid  away to a comfy chair.  I turned the first page.

Original Watercolor by kkiser 2011

You Have Time To Get It Done

Words hardly ever embrace the unseen.  Printed on a translucent, parchment-like sheen in subtle shades of gray black ink.  I fell in Love with Kanji.

Tetsuzan Shinagawa is a contemporary Author and calligrapher.  Each page of Nothingness:  Talk To A Stonehas beautiful Graphics and Ancient Buddhist Poems.  One of these poems struck, as I read, a note.  A vibration from  an Anonymouns 12th Century Poet.   Oneness enveloped me.  I felt connected to a spirit in a poem as if there were no time.

Original Watercolor kkiser 2011

Vibrations In The Key of Time

Every Day I want To Walk With God, Brightly, Fearlessly, As the Morning Sun

I felt as giddy as a two-year old on a sugar high.  The dots connect.  A fuzzing of the edges as I float between dreaming and sunlight.  I am fully awake.  Making a comfortable connection to my Poet I write to him on my time line.

Speaking to the Soul Offering a Lively Gift to the Spirit that Loves Life

He will see my echo.  Writing poetry and painting pictures to a dead poet is like writing a message in sand.  Might be a Silly waste of Time.   This is my gift.  Mine to unwrap, to use, to choose.  What I do with it is a private matter between me and my Luvahhh.  What you do in time brings meaning to time.  It is electric and comes from energy that is known but not translatable.  Like Japanese to English.  Somethings are missing.  That is the Art.

Return My Heart

Stones hold thoughts.  Poems carry Spirit.  Music drives them home.  In my life I will collect moments.  String them together like a necklace of pearls.  Love until I drift toward sleep.  I am laughing like I have all my teeth.  This time around is like a soak in a hot springs stumbled on during a hike through a rain forest.   I rest in the warm bubbly jacuzzi of me-ness.  Ahh!  I’ll stay till my fingers turn white and wrinkly.

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5 responses to “TALK TO A STONE

  1. I share some of your steps. It’s walk worth the price. Very nicely written!

  2. Excellent post thanks for sharing. I enjoy reading and also writing poetry myself. Feel free to check it out. You have a great layout here!

  3. Thanks. I’m working out some ideas for blogazines. I’m Putting together some fashion ideas. Single Wide Chic. I’ll stop by your blog and wonder abound.

  4. Hi! I just returned from Enota, GA., where nestled in the soft pines and ancient waterfalls we attended the ORMES/ORMUS International Conference 2011. There was much talk of minerals and gemstones having properties of healing. I had bloodstone and crystal on my body nearly all the time while there and my dear friend Lady lark was gifted a beautiful bloodstone from New Zealand by her daughter directly after the conference! Will you be writing more about bloodstone in the near future? Thanks for your poetic wisdom. Love and light, BJoy sen
    PS: Both Lady Lark and myself love bloodstone and are wearing it daily.

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