Ding-Dong Bloodstone Calling


Crystal reflection

I had a mishap with a bloodstone bracelet.  I had worn this bracelet for two weeks through showers and bed tossing and a link just snapped and lucky for me I knew how to fix it.  I finished with the repair so I washed it, dried it and put it on a black sexy display.  Didn’t wear it looked at it some.  Just went about my daily
dharma then suddenly.  I put the bracelet on adjusted it, feeling the hardness and the vibrations of the newly cleansed gemstone.  The energy of the stone linked and I could see the clearness of the morning light.  It had rained, shocking in Oregon and all, and I walked the big dog round the building in the back and just down to the spring running river.  Seriously, it was clear bright sunshine filled light.  oOhoyeah.

The Color of Light

I saw this out cropping of wild growing untended herbs and flowers.  Just my type of Gardening.  The old-fashioned Lilacs held a center spot out by the shed.  Nothing fancy just the way the light, the warmth of the morning sun, the glistening  water on the corrugated roof.   A mist softened the morning brightness for a second.  Oh the smell of the warm Lilac Morning and the  lavender-ness of it all. I’ll finish the story of the Bloodstone Bracelet later but I wanted you to see these shots of the morning walk.  Please feel free to visit my web store on ETSY  looksgoodonya.etsy.com  Thank y’all for your comments.  I appreciate ya.

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  1. Arrived at your webblog through Google. You know I am signing up to your feed.

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