What In The You-Niverse Is Going On?

What You Look At Changes Who You Are

I asked my sister, who is an expert in all things Astrology, what could be making my mind turn mushy and my concentration seem more dyslexic then normal.   She advised that it was Mercury going retrograde.  She said, “It’s not always wise to make important decisions that might be clouded with misinformation.”  OK.  How do I know when these things are happening in the Universe if I’m not an Astrologer?  I feel like the Universe is full of fine print and I  don’t know where my glasses are…I asked when it would be over she said around May 11, 2011, it will finish its retrograde cycle and will be on its normal circuit.  So, I’m just sayin.  Still, it makes me think of the way things are and what navigational tools I might pick up to make the sojourn easier.


2 responses to “What In The You-Niverse Is Going On?

  1. You are in luck! Mercury went direct on the 23rd of April after being retrograde since March 30. Mercury will go retrograde again August 2nd and go direct again on August 26. An astrological calendar is a good tool to have for checking the moon phases and the planets. Even a Farmer’s Almenac will show moon phases and more. I get what you say about all the fine print in the universe. So much to keep track of. Does your You-niverse have Innernet?

    • I read that the residual effects of this retrograde would linger till the 11th. Not So? I am feeling better though. Not as scattered and I am communicating better. Seems like such a struggle when Mercury does it’s little dance. Keep me posted about Astrology!

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