Gemstones That Give You The Power to Speak Your Truth

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WoW – This Unique Leather Bangle is Encrusted with 4-5mm faceted Iolite (Water Sapphires), Mystic Blue Topaz, and Cornflower Blue Tanzanite Gemstones. They are lashed on a silver Greek Leather thong with the ends clad in sterling silver end caps and the toggle heart is also sterling silver. Easy to wear and easy to put on, it measures 7.75″.

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A Little about the Gemstones:
Iolite (aka Water Sapphire), the gem name for cordierite, derives its name from the Greek ion (violet). Iolite is dichroic, meaning its hue appears to change when viewed from different angles. The violet-blue will seem to change to grayish as it rotates from one crystal plane to another.
Iolite  enhances your will power. It also assists one in gaining insight when seeking truth.

Topaz has had many magical and healing properties attributed to it through the centuries, including pumping up courage, easing depression and opening one’s inner awareness of self and the surrounding universe. Mystic Topaz is an altered variant of clear topaz first seen in the late 1990s; the rainbow-hued stones have gained popularity in the last decade.

Metaphysically, Tanzanite  reenergizes and bonds the energies of four of the most prominent Chakra points (heart, throat, third-eye, and crown), resulting in conditions in which the mind and psychic abilities are activated and guided by the heart.


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  1. Hello, just ran into your site from digg. It is not an article I would typically read, but I loved your spin on it. Thanx for creating a piece worth reading!

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