What is Hypoallergenic jewelry?

I have been at this for a long time and the best way to find out what is hypoallergenic (hypo-allergenic) is to try it on!  If it makes you itch, turn black, break out in red blotches and ooze green goo you are allergic to this item so it is not Hypollargenic for YOU no matter what the advertised hype may be!  I have tried all sorts of things listed as hypoallergenic and they have not been so for me, so, I have a list of metals that I can wear and I will share them with you and you can try them too.  Let me know what is working for you, I love hearing from you.

The best and newest is Argentium Sterling Silver.  This is a Sterling Silver that has most of the copper (the alloy to silver that makes it hard enough to make jewelry out of) replaced with a mineral called Germanium.  This was invented in Argentina, thus the amalgamated name, Argentium Sterling Silver.  It is slow to tarnish and as it ages it tends to look like Platinum, which is mucho expensive and very precious so it is a win-win for me.   You don’t need harsh chemicals to clean it, really, all you need is a little warm, soapy water and a rub with a clean soft cloth and it shines as bright as new.  This makes it perfect to use with natural pearls and other soft (MOHS 4 and under)  gemstones as they can not be cleaned with sonic or chemicals ever.  I make all my ear wires out of this now and there are companies making all kinds of findings and chains to accommodate the demand from consumers and jewelry designers.  If you want to see some of my designs that feature hypoallergenic jewelry designs go here now looksgoodonya.etsy.com



Niobium and Titanium have to be the hottest metals ever.  Space age metals for a new age in jewelry design.  I’ll talk about these on my next post.


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